Monday, July 13, 2009

Starting it all...

Yes, we are adopting.
No, its not a new decision.
Yes, we were looking at adoption even before we had our biological children.
No, I this will not 'mess up' our family.
Yes, I fully expect it to be hard.
No, I didn't expect it to be THIS hard.
Yes, I would absolutely do it again.
No, I have no idea when.
Yes, I do already love her.
No, I don't know why my wife is crying... again...

If you are one of the brave* families going through adoption, then I'm sure you can guess what they other 1/2 of the conversation above would be. I'm pretty sure you have had similar ones yourself.

My wife has spent hours pouring over so many 'gotcha day' videos on YouTube and so many blogs of other adoptive families that we (she) has realised that there is a common good in sharing our experiences with one and other. To encourage eachother. To support eachother. To push eachother onward and hold eachother up when we are too weak to carry on with our own strength.
However, she refuses to learn how to blog.
So here I am, you are stuck with me. And for that, I'm sorry... :-)

I'm sure if my wife wrote these blogs, they would be much more deeper, meaningful, full of grace and emotional content. However, I will do my best to post what I can.

Our adoption process has been going on now for quite some time. In the near future, I will start posting as often as I can to catch up the last 12 months or so of joys, fears, heartaches, excitment, dissapointments, and victories as best I can.

So welcome, sit back, enjoy the ride.

If you too are an adoptive family, I hope you will find some solace here.

If you are a friend/parent/relative, I hope you will fine some information here, and insight as to what your loved ones are going through.

If you are considering adoption, then I hope you will see something wonderful with the fullfillment of one dream (ours) and the beginning of yours.

If you are not any of the above, then I hope you will see that adoption is a wonderful thing, and come away with a new understanding of what it means, and an awareness and ability to support those who are making that wonderful choice.

* brave == anyone having an urge to expand thier family, be it biologically, adoption, or other means. Because lets face it, no matter how you add a child to your family, everything you know will be challenged, you will be pushed, prodded, stretched, you will win some days, loose others... and yet we still march on, no we run with wreckless abandonment towards these challenges and all for the love of a child.

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