Friday, July 31, 2009

New Pictures of Ping!

So we contacted a lady in China who has a business (the Red Thread) who will deliver gifts to your adopted child while they are still in China waiting.

So we ordered a couple of dresses through this Red Thread company for Ping.
The Red Thread had to contact the orphanage to get Pings measurements so they could get the correct size of dress.
In the process, the Red Thread also managed to get us some more pictures of Ping!


What a great surprise to wake up to!
... not as good as getting our approval to travel or our Letter Seeking Confirmation (LSC) to adopt. But still... greatly appreciated.

PS: My wife is nesting like crazy now... shes repaint the whole house! Re-doing all the kids rooms! I've "lost" my computer room (sorry SensFanRob - no room for my Stereo or TV anymore)! Help! :-)
Any ideas to keep her distracted?! :-)
"Oh look honey! A new episode of Corrination Street! Infact, I bought you the whole 20+ year Collectors DVD set!"


  1. Hi Adrian and Roberta,

    She is gorgeous! I agree with Roberta's comment on the CWI group that she and our daughter Qiao have very similar smiles. What a treat to get new photos. Or plan is to send something via Ann at RT this week. SO nice to see that you/she was well received at the CWI. :)

    Mom to 4 (one in Zhongshan - Qiao 6 yo)

  2. Ann at Red Thread is fantastic, she sent our care package too.
    Your new daughter is darling, I wish you all the best.

  3. They have similar smiles, and Lans Nose. :-)

    I think Ping should get the package in the next 24 hours or so... can't wait. Wish I could see her reaction to the gifts! :-)