Wednesday, July 22, 2009

More Renovations for the "Home Study"

NOTE: This is an older repeat from Facebook, if you read it there already, sorry. But these are some of the continued home repairs for the "home study". I'm starting to think that the "home study" really needs a new Big Screen TV and Stereo as well.

Yay! We ordered new windows for our house!


Now, I didn't KNOW we were ordering new windows for our house.
In fact, that last thing I remember was a conversation when my lively wife and I agreed to get a "estimate for some new windows".

Now... lets just do a quick look up on the difference between an 'estimate' and a 'purchase' (I just want to make sure I'm not going off on a tangent here).

Main Entry: estimate
Function: transitive verb
Etymology: Latin aestimatus, past participle of aestimare to value, estimate
a: to judge tentatively or approximately the value, worth, or significance of
b: to determine roughly the size, extent, or nature of
c: to produce a statement of the approximate cost of

Alright... I think that is about what I had in mind.

Main Entry: purchase
Function: verb
a: to acquire (real estate) by means other than descent c: to obtain by paying money or its equivalent : buy
d: to obtain by labor, danger, or sacrifice
b: to constitute the means for buying

Aaah... well... Thank you .
I see my problem, when my wife said 'estimate', she really meant 'purchase'. Its an honest mistake.

Let me re-wind a bit.

So the other day, my wife was asking if she could get a quote to replace the windows on the main floor. Now, we have replaced the windows in the basement, the patio doors/windows and other such things. So I was pretty OK with her asking to get a quote. She said she would contact the same company which did the other windows/doors for us and get an 'estimate' for the cost to replace our very sad windows.

However, on the Monday morning they were to come and do the estimate, I had a meeting at work. Alas, I had to leave before the window people got there. Mistake #1. Well, more likely this was already Mistake #27 and I'm not not yet smart enough to catch them all. Regardless, I left for work. Confident that when I returned home, my wife would have an 'estimate' for replacing some windows.

12:23pm ...
Adrian: Good afternoon, Adrian Berzenji speaking.
Voice on Phone: Don't be mad.

Aaah! Its my lovely wife calling me at work wishing to re-affirm her love for me. To count the ways in which I complete her every nee... er... what?

Now I know... I KNOW that when ever a phone call starts with "don't be mad" that I should just hang up.
Yes, 15+ years have taught me this much.
Put the phone down.
Go get a coffee.
Sit down somewhere quiet... and cry.
Because I know what ever follows the 'don't be mad', is not going to be good for me.
But I froze.
Like a deer stuck in the headlights, I couldn't move.
As much as my brain was screaming at me "HANG UP! HANG UP YOU IDIOT!" my body just would not co-operate.
I couldn't speak. I couldn't hang up. All I could do was listen in horror as I was unable to stop what was about to happen. Like a dream where you try to scream, but nothing comes out... or run, but you are stuck in the mud... or get in your car to flee a horrific scene - and because it is a 1976 Plymouth Horizion it will not start unless you get out, take off the air filter and open the butterfly with your bare hands while you have one of your buddies named CheezeBurger turn the ignition key and hope to all that is good and pure in this world that the carbourator hasn't filled up with gas and that a raging ball of fire will not leap from the engine block and incinerate your beautiful face ... thats where I was. Doomed.

Wife: I ordered the windows!
Me: What? You ordered the windows?
Wife: Yea! Isn't that GREAT!?
Me: Great! Ummmm... yea. Thats... uh... great.
Wife: They were such a good price that I got more than just the two windows we talked about! I ordered the two, plus the ones for the bathroom on the main floor!

Now... I'm not a rich man. Far from it. I also don't get to see my wife or kids much... mostly because I work a lot of overtime to pay for ... well... stuff like this.

  • Like the plethoria of van repairs this last month.
  • The new bed from a bit ago.
  • Some more adoption fees.
  • A vacation to Disney Land in Florida for the wife and kids... (I mean, I wont get to go... I'll be working. But rest assured, my wife said she will take lots of pictures to show me).

I mean, that was the purpose of getting an 'estimate'... to find out if I COULD afford to buy the windows.

Slowly... my brain starts to kick into gear and I think I've come up with some good questions.

Me: So... uh, how are we gonna pay for the windows?
Wife: Well, you can just work some more over time.
Me: You realize that every Saturday, every Monday, every Thrusday and every other Wednesday are already booked solid for over time for the next 6 weeks just to pay for the van repairs and the Forida trip right?
Wife: Yea, I remember that. But don't worry! I asked them to deliver the windows in 8 weeks! That way you have enough time to work the extra hours and pay for it! See, I was thinking of you when I ordered them!


Oh forget it. I don't even care. How CAN I be mad? She was thinking of me!

Look. If anyone wants me... I'll be at work.

And to the following people:

  • Marg - the flyers my wife promised you I would make for your home business, they may be a little late.
  • Tulin - thanks for super, but the DVD my wife said I would make for you, it may be a little.
  • Church Group - the web site that my wife said I would make for you, it may be a little late.
  • Finacial Advisor person - the web site my wife said I would make for you, it may be a little late.
  • Family - the 2005, 2006, and 2008 Photo Books that my wife wants me to finish, may be a little late.
  • Wife - the DVD you wanted me to make for you with all the chinese cooking on it, it may be a little late.
  • People Waiting for the Computer I'm Fixing - it may be a little late
  • Music Ministry Team - one day I hope to make it back
  • Tech Team - someday...

If anyone needs to reach me... you can reach me at me work address and work phone number.

If someone can take the odd picture of my wife... kids... my new windows... and email them to me, that would be great. I'd love to see them sometime.


PS: Do you think someone can bring me a change of cloths? Maybe some food... a toothbrush?


  1. Hey Adrian,

    Do you at least have room for the Big Screen TV and Stereo in your office??? I think that Leon's has a "don't pay until Roberta's done buying stuff" sale on right now :-)

    (errrr....just kidding Roberta...)