Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Little Stab-y With the Choclate Cake

I don't often pick on the Wife when I blog...
I may point out some of the things my children do which I find funny and humorious...
But not the Wife.
Because, well, because I'm not an idiot!
That's why.

Buuuuuut, she is VERY far away right now, on the other side of the freaking planet... SOOOOO, I've got a little bit of opportunity to pick on her, and hope she forgets about it by the time we see each other again (which at this rate, may be in the fall of 2019).

My wife has currently been posting things like this on Facebook.

Or, others post these kinds of things...

 Now, what's funny, is that most of y'alls just think these are funny little Facebook posts... but they are true!  SO TRUE!

This is a photo someone sent me of my wife eating Chocolate cake...

There was also a video of it, where Kole was gone, I'm assuming chased away by the Wife, and the Wife was trying to stab Miss G with her fork to keep her away from the cake.  Fortunately, Miss G is feistier than she looks (I think in no small part due to the influence of Miss P - which should be another good blog post) and she will go fork to fork for that chocolate cake!

But hey, when she isn't trying to stab her children over chocolate cake, she's a pretty good Mom.

Yeah.  Shes.  Pretty great.  Special, some would say.  Really... special.  :-)

But she's my special girl.  Maybe a little crazy.  Maybe a little stab-y when it comes to chocolate cake.  But I knew what I was getting myself into when we got married almost 20 years ago.  And it's been a fun ride so far.  Wife, you keep it interesting!

... I have chocolate in the fridge for you.

... and wine.

... I'm sorry.


  1. Adrian it might be wise to make plans to be armed with a HUGE bouquet of flowers made out of chocolate when you meet her at the ferry or HK when they return home!!!!! You! !!!

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  3. Hehe....
    Now I know why Adam eat the apple too.... :-)!