Thursday, April 9, 2015

How we live ~ Girl's room

I was concerned how we'd do it... do I go from a large house in the country on an acre of land,
with 5 children.

To a homeschooling, cross cultural serving family of 7,
in a 'small' Chinese apartment...

Step 1:  Simplify


Photos of friends & family are IMPORTANT in every room.

#2:  Bunk beds (ideally with funky hidden storage) are vital.

#3  Only the MOST important toys and memorabilia come with.
cuz there ain't no room for toy boxes, it's all out in the open.

Step 4: Decorate where and how you can.
Like in the alcove of a window sill.

Make your small space full of life!

The width of the room IS the length of the bed here!
And the depth of the room is about the same.

The is the storage in the Headboard of the lower bed.
All space is used.

No room for clutter at all.

These stairs lift up to reveal storage!
They contain G's yarn and off season clothing.

Wall tattoos and decorating all those vertical walls make a room so homey.

Like I said, no toy boxes so toys are always out.
Which means you don't have too much,
and that's a great thing!
What the girls have gets played with,
everything is truly appreciated.

The room needs to be their idea of an oasis.  
They need to be able to shut the door and 'escape' and they feel they need to.

Less Clothes.
They both have to fit in the Wardrobe.

Sharing is key,
and less clothing in all.

We've learned you don't 'need' the latest fashion to be stylish,
G has proven that!

This is where we store our larger bulkier items,
as there are no storage closets in apartments here, 
no linen closets, nothing.

So we are learning less is more,
and appreciate what you do have.

And living in small spaces doesn't make you 'hate' each other...
...if fact the opposite occurs.

You go from being sisters,
to friends.

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