Monday, June 16, 2014

Father's Day ~ China Style

This is our 1st Father's Day in Zhongshan ~

I think most Parents would agree....

Father's Day, like Mother's Day, is a favorite day around our house ~

A Day where we MAKE our teenagers hug us!  LOL

A Day when we try to pause and appreciate the gift we have been given....

....the gift of being someone's parent ~

It's not a right , it's a gift we've been given ~

An opportunity to be an important part of a child's life ~

To be in a place where we can influence, speak into, and share in a child's life ~

Not because we earned it or deserved it ~
 but because God chose to allow us to be someone's parent

Adrian is a great Dad ~

Their Daughters' favorite person in the entire universe ~

The kids shared today that he is so much fun, loving, patient.....

Takes them to awesome places!

They feel safe when he is around, 
and always makes EVERYTHING beter ~

I think he does a great job
 giving them a glimpse of what their Heavenly Father is like ~

He is a great example of what a 'Man' really is,
 Someone for them to look up to,
and strive to become themselves ~

Being a Father is a gift ~

And in turn, I think Adrian has become
 a wonderful Gift to our children ~

On this Day, we pause and reflect on what a wonderful
Heavenly Father we all have ~

And thank God for the wonderful Fathers in our own lives ~

We love you Adrian!


  1. Awesome! But Adrian, you're looking far too skinny and healthy! We need you back hear to fatten you up on cookies and muffins.

  2. Awesome post & FABULOUS pictures! Love the ferris wheel.