Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Monday in Florida!

So.....we've arrived! 
Orange Lake Resort
Yeah ~ we're roughing it pretty bad here....

While it's blizzarding back home....

We're having to deal with  Beautiful Blue cloudless skies

Family bonding ~

Remembering how much we love hanging out together ~

Did I mention, my great heart's desire is for the kids
to be true friends with eachother ~

Yeah, that's happening here ~

They truly enjoy eachother!

And that makes this Momma's heart smile ~

That is what my prayer was for.....
time away to reconnect

God has been amazing,
showing just how BIG he is these past 21 months

So hear me , I am NOT complaining ~
but I am weary
And I want all 7 of us 'filled up' before the next big adventure
China here we come!
But first ~ Florida *sigh*