Thursday, November 14, 2013

Naughty = Smart?!

The first thing Lukai's Foster mom
said to me that was translated,
was unforgettable ~

She said, "He is SO naughty,
 ~ I will miss him so much"
I laughed and cried, and said that
 "Yes, I understood"

Of Course I shared this with Yulin
 (our Agency Director)
 and she said,
"That means he's very very smart...."
I smiled, and wondered at that comment ~

So yesterday, as he
was behaving rather
with what his Foster Mother had said ,
 I thought I would test Yulin's theory ~

And low and behold,
He calmed right down ~
He loved the challenges I offered him
and can I say....
He was good!
Like smarty pants good
This mommy was shocked ~  


So I may have stumbled upon something wonderful here ~
When Mr. Lukai is being 'hard to handle'
break out the school work......
And maybe
just maybe
we'll see a less 'Crazed' Lukai

But we don't want to
loose TOO much of the Crazy
Cuz it just wouldn't be Lukai
without it ~

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