Friday, November 8, 2013

Dutch Blitz ~

So while walking through the local
Christian Book Store I stumbled upon
a Blast from my Childhood
 ~ Dutch Blitz
I don't know if I am alone in this,
 but our family played
hours and hours of this game
with Grandparents, aunts and uncles ~

Usually more then 1 person left the game bleeding,
and can I say it was a 'tad' loud.

So with memories like that
~ how could I not buy it
and teach the next generation
the joys of Dutch Blitz

Well I had to reread the Instructions,
but thankfully my 'game playing crew'
 are quick learners.
First Game was Slow ~
But they show potential, my crew
You have to have just the right amount
of a competitive streak for this line of work ~
And unlike the Marines ~
you totally leave the other man behind,
with not a look back

Some of my guys are just too nice,
I'll have to work on them I see ~

This week's family devotionals
have all been about Self Control
~  Can we say ironic

I say "Yes" to Self Control 99% of the time.
~ but when it comes to Dutch Blitz.......

Leave it at the door


  1. A wonderful tribute to Anut Vivian!

  2. When my oldest were younger, we'd sit Jack in his baby seat after dinner. We'd all sit on the floor to play this game! Love it! Enjoy!