Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Barbie and Big Brothers ~

Barbie is very important in this family lately
 because of a little sister,
who shall remain nameless,
is obsessed ~
So when we stumbled upon a
Barbie Memory Game at the Dollar Store,
it was like the 'Perfect Storm'
of Barbie & Homeschooling.
So Naturally, everyone was so on board
with a family game
of Brain Building ~ Barbie Memory
*note the very subtle sarcasm

Well between the 15 yr old,
13 yr old, 9 yr old & 7 yr old
you want to guess who won?

I think the photo of the Big Brothers speaks volumes.....

But kudos to them
for playing in the first place I guess,
 sure hope their friends don't find out ~


  1. Sound like a ?cool game (according to Dawsons "looks" :-)!

  2. There's a special place in heaven for big brothers who indulge their younger sisters!!!