Friday, October 18, 2013

Maze ~

I met my Nemesis today ~
The biggest baddest Corn Maze ever ~

Yeah ~ I feel you Lukai, they terrify me too 

Dawson was almost swallowed up by It today ~
*whew close call

Corn War broke out between the Girls and Boys ~

See the Maze brings out the worst in all sorts ~

Then they turned on me of all people!
Traitors I tell y'all

He was one of the casualties
~ had to be done


Prisoners had to be taken ~

Others were let off on 'cute' behaviour ~
We live to battle it again
Corn Maze


  1. I thought for sure you were going to be lost in there forever... I warned the boys they would have to help you find your way out. Glad everyone had fun.

  2. Brave, brave souls. Glad everyone emerged intact!
    Looks like it is an amazing well done maze.

  3. Hi, just answering your question....I don't know the answer. I used a vpnexpress in 2010 and that worked fine. But, then again, I am not very tech savvy...