Sunday, September 8, 2013


 There are simply some things that no matter how hard I try....

I will never quite master.....

Starting the Push Mower is one....

...and building cool LEGO spaceships is certainly another.

Thankfully, there are 2 other Master Builders in this house....

...that also just happen to be the World's Best Big Brothers

I can admit it ~ they are way cooler then me 
and can make the best machine gun sound effects.

I think 'someone' is really liking being a little brother in this family.

Who knows, maybe one day you'll get the chance 
to be the Big Brother.....
(not anytime soon though ~ maybe to a goldfish.....)


  1. Roberta, it is nice to see how much happier Lukai seems in pictures now. He has clearly come a long is heartwarming to see.

  2. His smile says so much! And what great big brothers!