Saturday, August 31, 2013


...need to be preserved

Despite ALL the purging that is happening over here....

there are those keepsakes ~ you know the ones that you've been keeping, stored away in the Hope Chests.

That 'One Day' I was going to put in a scrapbook.  
Well 'That Day' is now. 
And with all that is on our 'to ~ do list', 
this chore I am actually happy, 
albeit challenged, to do.

You see, I am not a good 'Scrap Booker', 
I can be way to critical, 
and can take way to long putting together a book.  

Well, thankfully, time is NOT on my side, 
so I can't take all day doing 1 page.  
I have no choice but to move quickly...

...and that is very freeing.  
No time to be critical, 
just take the mountains of memorabilia and get it preserved!

I love seeing these Scrap Books come together, 
and seeing the kid's reactions to them,
 even the big kids are proud of there books.  
These are coming to China with us I'm hearing from them.  
Love it!  
Makes all the work worthwhile.


  1. Keepsake books are lovely. All our stuff is sitting in boxes. I am afraid I may never get to it ;)

  2. Good for you! I have so many keepsakes waiting to be assembled into scrapbooks....

  3. If you just don't have the time or way too much, take several good photos ofand put in a scrapbook!

  4. I still do scrapbooks the old fashioned way, too. My techie husband is trying to get me to go digital. Scan all the keepsakes and create digital scrapbooks. Might save time and space. (I still like to have an actual book to hold in my hand, though.)

  5. These are wonderful! I made each of the girls their own Adoption Story Book- Scrapbook style. They do take time! I have yet to assemble additional memory books with all the keepsakes I have accumulated thus far.