Wednesday, August 14, 2013


On his birthday all he wanted was to go to the next town, 
with his Best Friend, 
for the World's best Fudge.

He always makes me laugh 

All I wanted was a few photos of him on his special day.  
And he was being so goofy just to bug me.  
This is the kind of son he is!  
He loves to tease me.

But finally just before heading home, 
he let me get off a few good shots.

Happy Birthday Dawson!  
You have made these past 13 yrs wonderful!  
We love you so much Son.


  1. Nice pictures Dawson!!!!!

    How was the Fudge?

    Grandpa Nick

  2. oh Dawson, I hope you had an amazing birthday, I miss my best friend. Chocolate milk GTH, inside joke... Victoria