Thursday, January 31, 2013


Cousin:  yeah... I don't even think I could understand the challenge of that.  my life is so simple...
Me:  Life is never simple.
Cousin:  well... when you put "single girl" next to "family of 7" it seems simple in comparison groceries are cheaper... hahaha
Me:  LOL!  Yes, I guess I do have it simple.  Most of my lifes big decisions are behind me... well you know, except for the "which brand of depends should I buy".  Whereas you, still have a life full of decisions to get wrong!
Cousin:  lol sweet, and I have cousins to ask advice from.  highly experienced cousins
Me:  Groceries are not too bad.  I taught the boys how to hunt... they bring home small game.  And the girls go begging in the market... really, it works well.
Cousin:  LOL!!!!!!!!!!!  they're cute. so it works

Me:  Exactly!

And speaking of cute... :-)

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