Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Broken Hearted and Loving IT!

NOTE:  This post contains information about two VERY adorable little boys who are currently in Foster Care in ZhongShan - I am not advocating for these little ones to be adopted, I am not involved in any way shape or form in the process of getting these children into families, I am simply talking about two orphans who I had the wonderful opportunity to meet.  Canadian Child Trafficking Laws are a bugger... but we are clear on the fact that I am not part of the process in getting these children into homes?  Great.  Thanks.

Happy defined: playing on the floor with 12 beautiful children
Heart-broken defined: playing on the floor with 12 beautiful children knowing they don't have a forever family (yet)

After I was done my two weeks in Hong Kong, I decided to head to the main land and drop in on New Day South .  New Day South is a Foster Care home which takes in children (with special needs) from local area orphanages and helps provide critical care and surgeries for them.  Its a great organization and a very needed  organization.
Looking out over Hong Kong
Each day I spent there was the same... my wife would ask me each morning "So what are you going to do today?"  My answer was the same, "Oh you know, go to New Day, spend time with the children, have my heart broken and probably cry."

I don't think I had cried since I was a little boy.
Little Benjamin

I don't think I have ever cried this much before in my life. This little guy is such a joy, a real little boy who has energy to burn!  The little guy has taken a liking to me, but I had to leave for a bit. He cried, then calmed down. When I returned an hour later, he looked at me, but would not come near. He looked at me with distrust and a painful look of rejection in his eyes. No 3 year old should have that deep of an understanding of rejection.  Normally healthy happy children will re-engage in play... but there comes a point where the children seem to start turning inward, into themselves for comfort and start rejecting those around them to try to stop the pain of being rejected.


And that is where I think this other little guy is.  But is he ever a little sweet heart right now!  Because he is old enough to take care of himself, he seems to get the least amount of attention.  He can dress himself, clean himself, etc.  I see him sometimes, on the edges of the activity.  He seems waiting for others to call him in, to spend time with him.  I don't know if he has been hurt, or if he is just shy.  But what I think I do see, is him starting to go within himself.  He was a very gentle and nice little boy to be around.  Easy to laugh, easy to relax.  But I think the longer he stays in an orphanage now, the harder it will be for him to come out of his shell later.  But he is a sweet sweet little boy who (I think) is just waiting for a family!

Ahhhh, I miss all the kids at New Day South!  I can't wait to be able to go back and see them again...  Well, actually, I hope when I go back none of them will be there.  I hope they will have all been placed into loving homes.


  1. My heart is breaking just reading this. :(

  2. it sure opens up the dark side of a heart and lets the light (compasion) in...


  3. How Wonderful! I'm so glad you got to see sweet Jonah. I have seen him on the New Day Blog and have just fallen in love with him. He has microtia like my Quin and has a special place in my heart! I would love to give him some cuddles too!

    Meredith Brabant

  4. Looks like Benjamin has been matched with a family.. can't wait for Jonah's family to find him. I love seeing his pictures on New Day's Facebook page.