Monday, November 5, 2012

40? Really?!

... sooooo, apparently in China, I'm not SuperMan.
I don't know what I was thinking, or expecting to experience when I went to Hong Kong for work, but I'm sure what ever it was... it was not what happened.

There were some amazing moments while I was in Hong Kong and China.  Some life changing, deep, course altering, re-evaluate everything type moments... this... sadly... was one of them...

Me:  No really, go ahead, you can guess.
Waitress #1:  Oh no, I am no good at guessing Westerner's ages.
Me:  It's OK, I can't really guess your age either.  I would guess... mmmm, late teens or early twenties.
Waitress #1:  That is close.  I am 23.   Okay... I ummmm... 40?
Me:  Pardon?
Waitress:  Are you 40?
Me:  40?
Waitress #1:  Oh!  Sorry!  Did I guess too young?  I can't really tell.
Me:  Really?  I look 40?!  Okay, look at our friend here sitting next to me... how old do you think HE is?
Waitress #1:  50?  I think he 50.
Friend #1:  HAHA!!  I'm 69!
Me:  WHAT?!  50!  Oh c'mon!  Why does he get 50, and I get stuck with 40?!  I'm not even close to 40!  *to a 2nd Waitress*  Hey, you, how old do I look?
Waitress #2:  35 or 36.
Me:  Oh c'mon!  I look young!  Back home, I am considered very young looking.
Waitress #1+2:  *shocked*  Really?  You look young?
Friend #1:  *to friend #2* I look 50!  *to me*  HEY!  We look almost the same age!
Me:  I'm going to go cry myself to sleep again.
Waitress #1:  Okay, but make sure you eat the skin from your salmon.  It will help you skin.
Me:  What?!
Waitress #1:  It will help stop age spots and old look.  Fish skin is good for you skin.
Me:  I have age spots?
Waitress #1:  Only where you look old.
Friend #2:  Hey, since we're guessing, how old to I look?
Waitress #1:  35?
Waitress #2:  25?
Friend #2:  Yea, I'm 24.  Not 35.
Waitress #1:  Ahh! Sorry, I can no tell.  The hair on the face make you look so old.
Me:  *looks at friend #2 who has stubble*  Okay, I understand HIM looking 35, but I'm clean shaven.  Why do I look old?
Waitress #1:  Oh, you just look old.

I don't look 40!

Do I?   *sob*

Sooooo, yea... Apparently, in China, I look 40...ish.
I can't say I'm happy about this.



  1. You don't look old, you look... Experienced!

  2. First off 40 is NOT old !!! Enough said !

  3. Hey friend. I know that photo, it was taken in Hong Kong. You don´t look older friend, you look like 60 years old, jajaja. You look great friend, be happy.

  4. I don't know about you-- but I'm running out and buying a bunch of fish skin for dinner! LOL!

  5. I would never (even if I didn't know you) think you were 40. You are very young looking so I wouldn't worry too much about it. I would hate to think of what they would think of me...yikes!

  6. Forty was my best year! What is wrong with 40? But, no, you do not look 40.

  7. I'm stuck at the notion that you actually asked your Waitresses to guess your age!!! Seriously!!! How 'Old Man Creepy' is that! eww, eww, eww......

    I love you, but if I was there....I would have smacked you upside your head.

  8. In my defense, it didn't start with me... I joined the fray late. :-)

  9. Recommendations for when you DO turn 40:
    1. For several months prior, threaten spouse with death if she has a surprise party for you.
    2. Try to not get out of bed all day.
    3. When you do get out of bed, do not shower or comb your hair or brush your teeth. Mope around and grumble a lot and glare at everyone who comes near you.

    This is how I gracefully handled turning 40 and I highly recommend it. ;-)

  10. Chris: That sounds like a good plan! Although, it also sounds like a typical Monday...

  11. Hehe.. they day will come, when you will "wish" you are 40. :-)


  12. When I turned 50, I spent about a week with this deep, sepulchural voice in the back of my mind intoning "haaaallllf a centurreeee.... haaaalllff a centureee..." until I realized (achy joints and all) that I still felt pretty much like a kid. Hang in there, it's my understanding that you haven't even reached the halfway point in a yeti's life expectancy...! 8-D