Thursday, October 18, 2012

Maybe this WASN'T Such a Great Idea

I'm in China right now... not adopting anyone...  So that's different.

Actually, I'm in Hong Kong for some work conferences.

It sure seemed like a good idea at the time.
You know, take a couple, go to Hong Kong, attend some conferences, after that is done, take a week off and go to Mainland China and visit ZhongShan where Ping is from and visit New Day South.  Then head north to visit International China Concern in ChangSha.

It was a perfect plan I thought... yup... get to visit and volunteer with some orphans... you know, try to help others and all that...


Let's review a couple of things I've learned so far on this trip...
1)  Hong Kong is lovely - big, scary, looks like it's ready to topple into the ocean, but lovely... you know, once you get past the smog and pollution.  :-)  I don't think any of the 300million people who live in these 2 square kilometers have ever seen a blue sky, or yellow sun.  In fact, I'm sure a clear blue prairie would be as terrifying for a Hong Kong-ise as it is for me trying to ride a bus during rush hour here in Hong Kong.
My upgraded room has a view of the ocean - I had to try taking this picture many times, over the course of two days to find a day when you could actually SEE the mountains in the background

2)  Big D looks good in a dress.  For a halloween party, Miss G dressed Big D up in one of her wedding dresses and then spent the better part of the night doing his make up and making him "pretty".  She did a pretty smashing job actually.  Talking to Big D after the party, he said the other girls were mean to him... I think it's 'cuz they were jealous.

3)  Bing likes to color on pillows when I'm not around.  I will quote from my wife's facebook page:
Wife: 1st time parent's response, "Gasp!!!" 5th time parent's response, "....and that's why we buy slipcovers" Never a dull day with Bing
Friend: Buy new, Adrian won't care ....or notice lol
Me: NOOOOO! Don't buy new! It looks great! Very, art-deco! Just let him have at the other 5 pillows as well... *siiiigh*
He dose have an artistic flare, I like the weighting of the swirls in contrast to the volume of the pillow, it has a nice flow and cadence...

So between my son being dressed up as a bride (you should have seen how excited Miss G was while dressing him up - I was watching (in horror) over Skype as the whole thing unfolded), and Bing destroying the house, I'm starting to re-think my wisdom in coming to China and leaving them all alone at home.


  1. LUV the costume!

    And the pillows-- I have a couch cushion and dining room table that will match it.


  2. Several lifetimes ago, my sister (about the same age then as the Pipsqueak is now) was impressed by the house painters our folks had hired. So impressed that she decided to "help" paint the hallway... just after they finished painting it... with permanent wide-tip black magic markers... a few hours before our folks were to host a diplomatic reception in the house.

    Slipcovers? Easy! <8-D

    (On the other hand, you shoulda seen the underside of the kitchen table... I really wanted to be an artist!)

  3. Big "D" is pretty good looking....