Monday, July 23, 2012

To the Mother in WalMart with the Screaming Child...

... I'm sorry.
It's a good thing I'm cute!
I'm sorry I judged you to quickly.

I'm sorry that at the sight of your disheveled hair,
clad in your 1972 floral pint muumuu,
with mismatched socks,
I judged you.

I'm sorry that while your child lay on the ground,
feet flying up in the air,
turning blue in the face from screaming so hard,
I judged you.

I'm sorry that while you looked upon your prostrate child,
fingers wrapped firmly around the handle of your cart,
awkwardly smiling at the spawn of your youth,
I judged you.

Because I did not know.

I'm sorry that I did not know that this particular morning,
you did not start off with the waking though,
'I'm going to ROCK that floral print Muumuu'.

I'm sorry that I did not know you spent a great many moments pouring over your nice clothes,
your blouses, skirts, slacks, even little summer dresses,
and pulled out the most pretty little summer dress you could find.

I'm sorry that I did not know you floated down the stairs only to be greeted at the bottom,
with a peanut butter smile, and jelly sticky hands,
and while they pressed into your pretty summer dress you hugged your child back, peanut butter stains and all, leaving you with nothing to wear, except that 1970 floral pint muumuu.

Because I had not seen.

Because I had not seen that look upon my own face,
that awkward smile, which I now know as a grimace of pain.

Because I had not seen your knuckles white while holding the cart,
for fear if you let go, your fingers would find your child's neck.

So I am sorry I judged you, too quickly to be fair.

For now I have seen, and I do indeed know, and I shall not judge anymore.
And if by chance, I happen upon thee, I shall smile the smile of a parent who is not thus.

And now, I must away, for alas, my lovely child is busy thrashing on the floor, crying, screaming, yelling, probably over something so horrible, so wretched, so vile, as having to close his bedroom door.

Alas and alack, alas and alack...

PS:  It's a good thing kids are cute... I think it is a natural defense mechanism.   :-)


  1. LOVE THIS! Did you write it yourself? Do you mind if I copy for my blog? Helps me to ground myself and know I'M NOT ALONE!! And there is a real and valid reason for wearing that muumuu

  2. Amanda, hey, glad you enjoyed the post. :-) Yes, I did write it myself, as with all my posts. If you would like to re-post it, feel free, but do provide a link back to my blog, and please don't take credit for writing it. :-) Other than that, re-post away!

  3. Haha! Totally can relate since Haleigh joined our family two years ago! We've encountered a lot of "firsts" for this family! LOL!

  4. Definitely the credit goes to you!! Thanks for letting me repost.

  5. This is perfectly on the nose because I have actually said these words, "I am one of those Walmart moms!! ugh!!" to my kids in frustration when I have reached my limit with their behavior at time, grocery shopping, hehehehe!!! Also, I always say, "God made kids so cute so we can divert our response so many times!!"