Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Ottawa: Dow’s Lake - Walk the Wall

Ottawa: Dow’s Lake

Each year, International China Concern (ICC) organises a walk-a-thon called Walk the Wall. The walk is 10km long and participants from all over the world sign up, get sponsors and walk, raising money for the many abandoned and disabled children in China.
Walk the Wall raises the necessary funds to give life to hundreds of children and adults with disabilities by providing full-time care. ICC works to end abandonment by providing supports to families with disabled children, proving that there are ways to keep families together.
I think that's a pretty cool fundraiser.  I know I can walk, so I'm gonna look at getting signed up, and asking for donations!  This is a pretty new event to Ottawa - so lets start letting friends/family know about it now... see if we can have more people walking than those people out there in Vancouver.  Yes, Braided Tresses and family, I'm looking at you.  :-)

NOTE:  The links provided are for 2011's walk... I'm still waiting on the details for the 2012 walk, but will keep you all posted.


  1. Yay! We love ICC and Walking the Wall! Get out there and get walking everyone!

  2. Thats great! Thanks for the heads up. I heard about it last year but wasn't able to go. This year my family and I will definitely be there. If you ever hear of any Adoption Conferences in and around the Ottawa area too please let me know. I've only ever heard of ones too far away! Thanks!

    Meredith (Paul, Owen, Ruby and Quin)