Monday, May 21, 2012

I Still DIDN'T Eat Your Skittles!

About two years ago, I posted this:

And oddly enough, it is one of the most read articles here on the Blog... oh, wait, I just checked the stats, it IS the most read article on my blog.  Why is that?!?

Maybe it is worth giving a bit of an update on the whole "trust" issue.

Miss G:  DAD!  DAD!  DAD!
Me:  What baby?  What's wrong?
Miss G:  DID YOU eat my CHOCOLATE?!?!
Bing:  CHOCOLATE!!!!
Me:  No, I did NOT eat your Chocolate.
Miss G:  Because my chocolate is... gone!
Me:  Oh no, I bet your Mom ate it.
Bing:  No chocolate?
Miss G:  Mom, did you eat my Chocolate?!
Wife:  Um, yes.
Miss G:  WHAT?!  WHY?!
Wife:  You hadn't eaten it yet.  So I ate it.  You know if there is chocolate in the house, that I will eat it.
Miss G:  But I just got it.
Wife:  You had it for 2 weeks.  If you can't eat it in two weeks... tough...
Me:  See, I didn't eat your chocolate.
Bing:  Yes Chocolate?
Me:  Miss G, why don't you ask Mom who ate your cake?  The cake I got you on our Date Night.
Miss G:  *GASP*  No no no, Mom would not eat my cake...
*awkward silence*
Miss G:  Mom, did YOU eat my cake?
Wife:  Ummmm, yes.  But you left it in the fridge!
Miss G:  Where else was I supposed to put it!
Wife:  You have to HIDE it from me!
Bing:  No Chocolate?
BigD:  Oh, are we talking about the time you ate Dad's chocolate?
Wife:  Hey, he wasn't eating them!
Me:  No one told me they were mine!  I thought they were the boys.  Since when do people buy ME chocolate.
Wife:  Look, it's very simple, if there is chocolate in the house, I will eat it if I can find it.  You all have been warned.
Me:  I think the important thing to take from all this, is that it is you MOTHER who eats your candies.  Not me.
Kids:  Yes Daddy.
Me:  Which means, I did not eat your Skittles.
Kids:  You TOTALLY ate our Skittles!

So now, the children trust neither of us.  I guess you really can't make/force people to trust you.  Maybe in a few more years, they will learn to trust us more... or at least how to hide thier chocolate better.


  1. Yes! I will eat the chocolate too! If it is left for more than a couple weeks, it needs to be eaten... by me.