Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Overwhelming Cuteness!

So we are in the midst of celebrating the Chinese New Year... man, I'm telling ya, there is nothing like a 3 week long New Year party!  We've had Chinese New Year Parties at School, at the Adoption Agency, we might even be doing one as a family, party, party, PARTY!  Whooo-hooo!

Anyway, the cutest parts are seeing the kids get all dressed up and having fun.  This year, at Chinese School, the children have started some of the Special Interest Classes.  So BigD and MissG were taking the Art class, while Ping is taking the Chinese Dance class.   At this years New Year party, Ping got to dance in the talent show!  She was dancing to "Counting Ducks".  Oh so cute!
Getting the Duck ready...

Me:  So baby, this week at Chinese School you are going to dance your duck dance for everyone!
Ping:  What?  NO!  You are so silly.
Me:  What?  No, I'm serious.
Ping:  I don't duck dance!
Me:  Yes, that little dance you have been practicing, you are a duck!
Ping:  You kidding me?
Me:  No baby!  I'm serious!
Ping:  Uuuuugh, Daaaaaaaad.  You joking me.
Me:  Why do you think we brought the duck costume home?
Ping:  Really?
Me:  Yes.
I think it was about here, when she had the costume on,
that she finally started believing me.

She was an adorable duck-y...

And while the duck was getting ready, MissG was playing Duck Duck Goose in class.
Who was very shy that day.  Normally Ping hides with MissG, but without Ping there,
MissG was kind of shy.  Showed me that when MissG has to "step up" and be the
big sister she does... even though it may be in her nature to be a little more shy.

Of course there was a Dragon Dance at the Chinese School party.

"I've already seen this before...", but pay close attention, he is
sitting on Mom's lap!  And NOT crying.  ;-)

Picture with the dragon head...

I mentioned overwhelming cuteness right?!

They are pretty cute...

At the Adoption Agency party, MissG and BigD both got to be the dragon heads for the Dragon dance.

"I'm a dragon!  RwAAARRRrr!"

"And I'm cute!"

"Wait!  I can be COY too!"

"Dad told me to stop... buuuut, I don't think he meant it"

"OOOH!  I can HIT something!"

"My Dad made me do this..."

... I think his smile says enough.

But after a week long celebration with drums, cymbals, and general chaos, there is a small part of me that was asking "Why didn't we adopt from a quieter culture?!?"  But then I see how cute they all are, and its like, awwwwww... pass the tambourine!


  1. They ARE cute and adorable! Happy Chinese New Year!

  2. Lots of cuteness for sure! Looks like you guys have had a great celebration!

  3. DEFINITELY cute! And yes, rather noisy... but that's what celebrations are all about, right? ...right? um.... right...?

  4. Happy Chinese New Year!!!

    All of the kids look wonderful! It is so great that your older kids enjoy celebrating as well!

    It is so much fun celebrating! Our girls performed for the first time this year with their Chinese language and dance class. They absolutely LOOOOOVE it!


  5. Looks like you had a wonderful time celebrating!