Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Happy 3rd Birthday Bing!

Some people say that the 1st child is spoiled.  You know, the ones who have all the photos taken, the little shoes bronzed and mounted on the fireplace mantle.  I think this is absurd!  The thought that any one child might be more important or special than another is an a front to the noble institution of parenting!

Why, take today for example.  Today was Bing's 3rd Brithday!  Y'sir... 3 years old.

And what did we do to celebrate it?!  Well, lots!  Let me tell you... we got this this here toy car... hold on, I know it is some where around here.  I'll show it to you.  I just have to move all these books *ungh* of SeniorK's first year photos... just *grrruf* a few *ungh* more... books.  (20 minutes later)

Okay, so I got SenoirK's photo books out of the way... now, where is that toy car we got for Bing?  Oh, wait...  I think I know.  It probably got put in the keepsakes box.  You know... because it was our 1st birthday present for him!  It is worth keeping forever.

I'll just start digging though this here box of keepsakes... hold on...
Oh look!  MissG's art from Pre-Kindergarten... ... and kindergarten... and Seniour Kindergarten... grade 1... grade 2... miscellaneous crafts from Christmases dating back from 2004.

Hummmm... nope, Bings new toy car isn't there either.  Hold on... I'll find it!  It was great!  We spend DAYS planning his party and gift!  Oh wait, maybe it is by the Birthday cake we make... er, bought him... from... the corner store... on the way home from work.  Because we forgot it was his Brithday today.

Now we didn't really FORGET.  I mean, deep down, you know, in my subconsciousness I knew it was his birthday.  Deep... deep down.

But it is NOT because he was our 5th child... IS, IS our 5th child!  We have not lost him yet.  Er, NOT lost him, period, full stop.  We will not loose him.  Oh snap... where is he now?!  Hold on!  I just have to check on him... right after I dig out of these medals from the other kids...

... Okay, so we have NOT lost Bing.  No sir.  He is safe and sleeping in his bed!  Fully clothed.  And, er, well, maybe we forgot to put him to bed.  But he IS sleeping now!  Comfy... you know... in the middle of his floor.  Clutching his new toy car from his Birthday!  So, you know, that counts... for something.  We got him a gift he likes.

Okay, but this is NOT because of the fact that he is our 5th child.

No, sadly, I kinda blew his birthday simply because... well... we have 5 kids!  And that's a lot to remember... you know... just having 5 kids.

So was his 1st birthday a little bit of a low key event?
Yea.  Maybe.
But I think that was good for him.  Too much chaos still upsets him and I'm not sure how he would have handled a big "to do"... or "shindig"... or "hooopla", or whatever them kids are calling these here party things.

And further more... I think deep down, my subconsciousness KNEW that a low key event would be best for Bing.  So it was totally DELIBERATE that we kind of blew his Birthday.

... glad we've got the next 100 or so years to make up for it.  :-)

But it was not because he was the 5th child!  Nope.  This was sheer forgetfulness.

Hey, you know, in a way this shows that we COULD have more kids!  Apparently, after 5 you don't even remember the numbers 6 thorough 42.  :-)  I might have 6 kids right now!  Or, like 12?!  I wouldn't even know.  :-)


  1. Happy, Happy Birthday! How wonderful that he is home with his family!

  2. Happy Birthday Lukai! We love you!!!!!

    ~The Holders

    P.S nice curtains!

  3. Happy Birthday, Lukai!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Enjoy your special day!!!!

    Love Your Buddy Ethan, Lily, Shelley and John

  4. Low key is definitely the way to go, esp with 5th kiddo! or really any kiddo - right? it doesn't set them up for future let downs...

    but seriously, this little guy hasn't been home too long and cocooning is probably better than the big shin-diggy thingy!

  5. What? It was Lukai's birthday and I didn't know!! bah! Happy birthday Lukai!