Thursday, January 12, 2012

The Floor

Bing's room is *almost* complete!
The floor.
The unsung hero of any room.
Although the walls get all the glory and praise, the floor simply goes about it's work.
Day in, day out.
Lying there.
(Hopefully) Un-moving.
Not swayed by the adornment often lavished on the walls.
Not envious of the picturesque window panes over looking fields of flowers.
Content to catch the lint, dust and dirt from the sweaty icky feet upon which master it.
Nay, no feet master the floor.
The floor upholds the feet and give them a stable place to play, laugh, run and love.
The floor noble and strong.
Naked it lays in the open, no bright colours to mask any imperfections from years of serving quietly.
Forgotten by years of renovations.
While wall colours change, windows reframed, the floor remains.
But one day, the floor will look back over his life and feel contented that it did it's job with the utmost of dignity.
It matters not if the precious and beloved baby crawling across it ever stops,
picks up his wet soggy Cherios,
and with a nod of appreciation graces the floor with an affectionate smile of understanding as if to say,
Thank You.
Thank you for being strong enough that when my Dad held me in his arms and walked me for hours so I could sleep when I was too tired to be alone that you were there.
Thank you for being forgiving enough that when I was rough and played maybe a little to hard, you never rebuffed me, you never packed up your 1/4" Spruce sub floor and sulked in the corner leaving me to play on the bare frame of the house.
Thank you that when I took advantage of you, you never held it against me.
Thank you that when I ignored you, you always were there for me.
Thank you that when I compared you against floors I have known, that you simply smiled up at me and said, 'yes, but I am yours'.
Thank You.

So what do floors and parents of (any) children have in common?

Absolutely nothing!
I'm just complaining because for the last week or so, I've been sleeping on one!
Bings room is done(ish) and has been  moved into his own room, with his own bed.
Only he hates to be alone!  He wakes up SCREAMING and CRYING.
So I have to sleep in his room with him.
Except that I can't fit in his tiny little toddler bed.
No way the Yeti is fitting in there!

So I sleep on the floor.
On a Yoga mat.
With my arm craned awkwardly up and behind me desperately trying to hold onto his tiny hand while he sobs himself to sleep.

So !@$%$ you floor!  You are hard and my back hurts!  BAH.

Were you expecting something deeper and more insightful?


  1. I'm thinking i would be checking out the air mattress' at Wal-mart:) Give Roberta a hug for me and tell her we miss her on the Z group. Hope all is going well for you guys! You're in our prayers.

  2. Dude, I think you just described the beds in every hotel we stayed in while in China...! Check out some of the outdoorsy-type stores, there are some pretty darn good high-density foam mats out there for backpackers & campers that will be a big help.

    Besides, just think of all the fun you'll have reminding your son about this when he gets older & complains about having to do chores...! <8-D

  3. Captains Bed with a pull out trundle. You can put guard rails on Bing's bed and you sleep on the trundle bed. It will come in handy when he is older and has a friend sleep-over.

  4. Better start upgrading to an air mattress, or even better yet - bunk beds! If you are lucky, maybe Lukai will let you have the top bunk ;)

    Hoping he begins to feel more secure and continues to work through his grief. My heart hearts for him crying in the night, I am glad you are able to offer him comfort.