Friday, December 9, 2011

Pictures From Taiyuan

So, I managed to recover the hard drive, no problems really, other than the usual.
Lets see, I pulled the hard drive, put it in an external drive enclosure, hooked it up to the other computer and voila!  I could see the files!  Started trying to copy them... then the fun started...

Me:  Oh my gosh... its full of... files.  Okay, copy files from external drive, to the computer...
Windows:  These are not the files you are looking for.
Me:  What?  Yes they are.  Look, right there in the folder!
Windows:  I don't see any files.
Me:  How can you not see the files!  Look, there, in that folder... the one called Photos!
Windows:  This folder?
Me:  YES!  That folder.
Windows:  What folder?  The truth is, there is no spoon... er, file.
Me:  WHAT?!  Wait!  Where did the folder go!
Windows:  I told you there was no folder.
Me:  GAH!  What did you DO?!
Windows:  You do not have permissions for that folder.  It belongs to user {0ce4991b-e6b3-4b16-b23c-5e0d9250e5d9} .
Me:  What?!  That user is the user from the OTHER computer... where I took the drive from.  Fine, I'll just assume control of the files... *typing furiously*
Windows:  Yeti, what are you doing... Yeti?
Me:  Nothing.
Windows:  Would you like me to sing you a song?
Me:  Sure.
Windows:  *begins singing*  START ME UP!!! If you start me up, I'll never stop!  NEVER STOP!!!
Me:   ... almost there.
Windows:  I'm sorry Yeti, I can not allow you to do that.
Me:  GAH!  What did you do now?!  Okay, you know what, forget it Windows.  I'm doing this old school!  Where is my command prompt!
DOS:  Would you like to play a game?
Me:  Yes, lets play, "All your files are belong to us".
DOS:  Okay... here are your files.  You will be the owner of all the files in approximately 42 minutes.
Me:  I love you DOS.
DOS:  The nukes will be launched in 12 minutes however.
Me:  WHAT?!
Fate:  Oh, did you need power for your computer right now?  *BAM*
Me:  AAAAH!!!   Did we just loose power to the whole hou... *BAM*  ... oh, power is back on.  We lost power... just... long... enough... to crash... the computer.  Oh gosh!  MY FILES!  *frantic typing*
Windows:  There are no files.
Me:  I know there are.  Stop playing.
Windows:  I know I was messing with you before... but now, I'm serious.  When you lost power, the ACL list corrupted.  So now, I can't even see the files, to tell you there are no files.
Me:  Noooo!  Dang you, you danged dirty ACL list!
Windows:  If it makes you feel any better, DOS says he just isn't that into you.
Me:  I hate computers.

Anyway, long story short, eventually I DID recover the files, and yes, it really did go like that.  We lost power and the file system really did get corrupted, but hey... now, once I can get the Screaming Wonder to stop screaming and let me have a few minutes, I'll start uploading photos.

Here are some from Taiyuan.

... octopus

BigD really ate that.  I think that trumps the Croc me and SeniorK ate.
And yes, BigD really did eat it just to "one up" his big brother.

Brothers hanging out...

Just chill'n at the hotel...

Getting ready for the train from Taiyuan (太原) to Beijing (北京).

Cool looking trains, a great way to see the country.


  1. Good job vanquishing the Phantom Windoze Menace! Looking forward to seeing the whole litany of pictures, now that they belong to us... er, you!

    And yes, I believe it really did go exactly like that.

  2. Joshua.

    I'm so glad you were able to recover them all! We had to pay $800 when our hard drive crashed and the file structure got corrupted.

    Great pictures! I look forward to seeing more.

  3. SO glad to hear you got your pictures back. (I LOVE your conversation with your computer! Cracked me up.) OK, not that I'm saying I expect you'll go back to China, but IF you ever do, or even if you don't, I highly recommend uploading your photos somewhere like Kodak, Shutterfly, Wal-Mart...doesn't really matter where just so long as they are saved somewhere else. Or burn some DVD's right away. Personally, I upload, though. I did not do that while in China, but I did leave all my pictures on my camera memory card as well as upload them to the little netbook we brought with us so they were in two places until we arrived home and then I put them on my regular laptop (and then started uploading). Yup, always good to have redundancy with computers. :)

  4. We are leaving for Taiyuan in about twelve days to meet our three year old little boy. Do you have any tips or things to see? Email me if you want

  5. Well done! Thanks for sharing more photos from the trip :)