Friday, December 16, 2011

IKEA and Normalization

IKEA seems to be a common theme lately here at the Blog... trust me, I don't like it either.

Recently, Ottawa has become home to the largest IKEA in Canada.  And there was great rejoicing!  So here we go, opening night, and we drag down all the kids to the new IKEA.  There were police everywhere directing traffic and keeping the chaos in check.  Luckly, they were not needed.

Canada's Largest IKEA
I'm sure poor little Lukai was not impressed being strapped into a stroller for hours while we wander through wonderfully cheap Sweedish made home decor.  But hey, this is just part of Lukais "normalization" into Canadiana and our Family.  He might as well get used to IKEA... and Tupperwear.  Maybe Party Light and Pampered Chef as well.  I mean, these are going to be big parts of his life.  :-)

The good news, is that children can "normalize" to almost anything.

Definition of NORMALIZE

transitive verb
: to make conform to or reduce to a norm or standard
: to make normal (as by a transformation of variables)
: to bring or restore (as relations between countries) to a normal condition


So what IS "Normal" anyway?

From somewhere on the internet - if you own this, let me know...

Normal is pretty relative.  For example, if a middle aged woman were to see me and my friends talking about Star Trek, TARDISes and time travelling Delorians... we might seem ODD.  However, from OUR point of view, we are NORMAL, and someone who likes watching Oprah is the real ODD person.

What "normalization" looks like in Adoption is when your beautiful 6 year old adopted daughter walks by you singing the opening to Led Zeppelins 'The Immigrant Song' ...

In a very surreal moment while doing dishes, I hear this all too familiar "aaaaAAAAaaaah ah waaaaaaa AH!" from behind me.  I turn around to see Ping walking slowly by as she begins the opening line again "aaaaAAAAaaaaah AH!".  She pays me no notice as she slowly walks past, lost in her own imagination and singing Led Zeppelin.

I'm so happy that "normal" is relative... because that means that our family, as crazy as we may be, can be considered normal.

Yes sir.  We have achieved "Normal"... what ever that may be.  :-)


  1. Star Trek, The Tardis, Back to the Future and Led Zepplin all in one house you sound more than normal to me!

  2. LOL this is freaking hilarious. I know for a fact my husband will agree that Emma will get her dose of 'normalization' when I take her on one of my wednesday trips to Ikea with my other DD.

    This weeks wednesday purchase - 3 Billy Bookcases (for a total of $120) to make 3 mudroom lockers for all of our winter stuff. LOVE IT!!

  3. Welcome to the Ikea world, watch out it sucks the money right out of your pocket. Every Swedish home has something from Ikea. Have a great idea for you that you may actually try (if you do please by all means film it for me).

    Get inside an IKEA wardrobe and when someone else opens it come out yelling...''for Narnia''!

    I am so glad to see that ''normal'' is just being together.


  4. Awesome, I too am "normal" in relationship to your family:) yayay!

  5. I love your family's normal -- it's as unusual as my family's normal! 8-D Speaking as a former IKEA employee (nope, not kidding!) I have to warn you that spending too much time in the sample rooms can be dangerous to one's wallet... But the kiddos will probably enjoy Smaland while you shop...