Tuesday, November 22, 2011

I Think I Can, I Think I Can, I Think I Can

I feel kinda like that little engine that thought he could.   The wife has been gone for... well... far to long.  But we are coming to the end!  Only 3 days left, and then everyone will be home!  YAY!

Wife can begin reading here...

Now, most things have gone REALLY well while the wife has been gone.  I mean, I've made nice meals...
... and I've had lovely people donate even MORE nice meals.

The house renovations have been progressing well... 
... although some things have been delayed.  Like, our windows.

BUT, I've made every Tap Dance Class, every Youth Group, every Karate Class, every Chines School and even done fun stuff like Celebrate Family Day to taking the children and their friend to the Wave Pool.
... thankfully with a gift card for Boston Pizza from a concerned friend who thought I might forget to feed the children.

I made special breakfasts on the weekends, even pancakes!

 Smothered in CHOCOLATE and CARAMEL sauce!

Then, things got even better!  The Windows came in!

 The spray foam is going to be cheaper than estimated.  
The siding is even going on Tomorrow!  :-)  Should be done(ish) when the Wife gets home!

Yes sir!  Everything has been going GREAT!

Wife should STOP reading here!!!

Okay, so what is with the mellow dramatic "I think I can" if everything is going so great?  Well...

  • The construction has now moved INSIDE the house.  Which means our duct work is torn apart... 

... so we have no heat upstairs.  The two girls are huddled together in bed, covered with every free blanket in the house - AND my blanket.  I may sleep in my winter coat tonight.

  • The Hot Water Tanks seems to have died.  I can only shower 1 child a day.
  • The little cuteness MissG put on SO much CARAMEL and CHOCOLATE on her Pancake she got SICK.
  • I wound up making breakfast for the kids with expired eggs.
  • I wound up at work one day, wearing clothes which did not belong to me.  I don't know whose they were, they were too big on my, a shirt I had never seen, and I was wearing it...
  • When we got to church a good friend of ours, who just so happened to be a Mom, had to get SeniorK to fix it shirt - it might have been on backwards and inside out.
  • The house (which has been kept pretty clean all this time) is now a DISASTER because of the construction. I've got coats in the kitchen, curtains on my bed, tables in the hall ways, and the list goes on.
  • I don't think I've ever been this tired before in my life - and this is coming from someone who (when he was younger) has gone on 72 hour video game marathons.

Wife can begin reading here again...

So am I happy for my wife to get back?!  Oh yea!  Now, once she IS back, things are not going to be exactly any calmer... but at least I will have my best friend back here with me.

Oh, and one saving thought though all this... Curtis out there in BC, whose wife went WITH my wife (in my place - thanks again Curtis!!!), is going through the same stuff as I am - but without any real justification!  At least when I am looking at the 42 loads of laundry I have to do tonight... which I SHOULD be doing instead of blogging... I have this warm fuzzy feeling of going "At least this will all be worth it because Lukai is coming home".  It is actually a little selfish really.  I mean, I do this, but I get that.

But Curtis... well... he's not getting anything from this.  Just unselfishly toiling away as a single Dad so that his wife can go and be a blessing to my family.  Good job Curtis.  Good job.

... you're making me look bad.

Stop it.  :-)


  1. Of course you can... Of course you can...

    Hang in there, dude! My sister and I "inherited" a half-complete kitchen renovation some years back when the project stretched beyond the date our folks were transferred to Holland; after living through that, I can barely wrap my head around what you must be going through! Still, never forget: "This too shall pass" and you and the missus will be looking out those new windows next winter, snug as a couple of bugs in a rug, with all the kiddos happily dripping excessive volumes of chocolate syrup and caramel sauce on their breakfasts... :-)

  2. Sounds like you are all doing fine! And soon, we'll see those wonderful homecoming pictures!

  3. If you need help with anything in the next few days let me know. Unfortunately I don't have a heater I could lend you. I don't think I'm close enough to bring the kids over to warm them up but you know where we live! :)

  4. Sounds like you both are doing really, really, really well! And hey - at least busy Mr. Lukai won't be able to throw his cuteness (or anything else!) out uncovered window holes. :)

    Got sleeping bags? Those work great for insulation for. Ight time.

    Almost there Adrian!

  5. NAW.....he don't make you look bad!! You are awsome.....it's just that he's Awesomer:) Ha Ha!
    Can't wait till his royal naughtiness gets home:) along with "the" wife and son. Hang in there! Help is on the way.....traveling with trouble on the horizon!!

  6. Sounds like you are doing a great job Adrian! Hang in there and I know Roberta is looking forward to coming home with your newest and very busy and extremely cute addition!!!