Sunday, November 13, 2011


Just a little longer... gah!

Apparently, the orphanage is TOO busy to do the gotcha day this morning!  They are going to do it 3pm China time, or 2am Ottawa time!  Gah!  So close!  So close!  :-)

More updates:
Kind of in the dark. Wife's laptop battery dead. Won't charge. Can't get a good phone connection (10 minutes trying to connect, then disconnect in 30 seconds). Apparently the orphanage is "too busy" to meet Roberta in the morning. Will try the afternoon. Looks like they will NOT ALLOW Roberta to meet the Foster Parents.

More-more Updates:
Time keeps changing.  The Wife told me to be up for 7am my time, it was 3am, now its 1:30 am.  Soooo, maybe only an hour away?!

More-more-more Updates:
Got news around 6:30am Ottawa time - Lukai is with the Wife now and BigD!!!  Awaiting emails/pictures/more news from Taiyuan.


  1. 30 hrs labor for BigK - Lukai is running true to form! God is Good and in control - Thank God!
    Good night - GrammaK

  2. Talk about false labor! Waiting to read your good news!

    Linda in Thunder Bay

  3. Can't wait until he is in Roberta's arms. We will be thinking of you as we drift off to sleep tonight and will be looking in the morning for an update!

    Do you know the name of Roberta's guide? Wondering if we had the same one.

    Sorry to hear that you will not be able to meet the foster family, I know how disappointing that can be.

  4. Wow, I sure didn't see that one coming! Too busy for Gotcha? What? Try as they might they will not win, God is in control and Lukai will be yours before to long! Praying there will be no more delays and sweet Lukai will be yours without any further delays.

    I was reading another blog and it seems many foster families do not want to be meet the new family.

    Hang in there, it won't be long now!

  5. Ack! I may just have trouble sleeping tonight!

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