Thursday, November 10, 2011

Arrived in China!

4:40am ... my time...

*ring*  *ring*  *ring*

Me:  Hello?
Wife:  Hey!  We're in China!
Me:  Great!  I'm in bed.   How was the trip?
Wife:  Much better this time, I slept on the plane... BigD didn't sleep much though.

So there they are, in China.  And I'm still here.  So what is the hardest part being here while all the fun stuff is happening 1/2 the world away?

Is it dealing with the home renovations? 
With the messed up roof? 
With the ceiling that they are now going to have to rebuild?
 Naaaah... that's not it.  Although it does add stress and makes things more chaotic.

 Is it the dealing with the routines at home?
Getting the kids up for school?
Packing lunches?
Making good healthy meals?
Naaaaah... that's still not it.  Although, someone IS collecting meals for me - and for that I'm super thankful!

Is it the crying children who miss their Mom even though she has only been gone for a few mere hours?

Is it that I didn't get to go to China this trip?  Naaaah, I'll get to go again*... and again... and again...

Is it that I'm miles apart from my wife and that I'm lonely?  Naaaah... oh wait!  Yes!  I miss her very much.  But I'm not lonely... oh gosh no.  I have little people crawling all over me all day.  And I DO miss her.  I walked in from work yesterday and was like "why aren't the dishes washed yet!?", or "how come the bed is un-made?"... oh right.  The wife is gone.  All of a sudden the magical "do everything fairy" has left the house.  To be fair, I'm sure she is missing me as well... she is probably in her nice clean hotel room going "who the crap forgot to leave their dirty cloths all over the bedroom floor?!", or "who is going to sit on the couch while I do all the kitchen clean up?!"... It would be pretty hard to replace me.

No, no.  The hardest part is that I am NOT there to welcome Lukai into our family.  Maybe it is just me, but when we had our 1st son, I was in with the wife for all 30 hours of labour.  When we had our second son, I was there for all of that as well.  Then when MissG came along, I caught her!  I was even there for when Ping came into our family.  So yes, it breaks my fatherly heart to miss welcoming Lukai into our family.

But, at least his Mom is there... and I will get to welcome him... in about 14 more days.  So I guess I'll quit sulking about it, and count the days anxiously until I can wrap my arms around him and welcome him into our family and hearts.

* == I am totally going to be the one to do the homeland visits with the kids!  Love China!  Can't wait to go back.  Ping was crying the other day because MissG got to go instead of her...
Ping:  *sob*  Why *sob* can't *sob* I go *sob* to China!
Me:  Baby you WILL get to go to China!  I will take you!
Ping:  An, an, *sob* an we go back *sob* to my Orphanage?
Me:  Yes baby.  We will go back to visit.
Ping:  An den you maybe say 'I'm done with this Ping'?
Me:  What?
Ping:  An den you say 'I no want this Ping anymore'?
Me:  No baby.  We will go, and you can say 'This is my Dad, and he is never ever ever going to let me go, because he loves me so much!'  Then we will come home.
Ping:  Okay.


  1. Aw adrian, good post! I was dying laughing at the "oh, who the crap forgot to leave their pants next to the bed"?!

    PS the house is looking like it is coming along! It just started snowing here in Michigan so hopefully your rough is on and heat is not escaping!!

  2. So thankful they made it there! And better R to sleep than D. She'll need it to help him weather the jet lag. So funny about the clothes on the floor. :). Sigh about Ping. Yay about the house! Hope I covered it all. Ha ha

  3. Glad to hear that they got there safely! Hope the time goes by quickly for all of you until you are all together again!

  4. Can't get past Ping's take on the homeland trip. Sweet girl. Sweet dad too.

  5. So glad she got there safely. I can not wait to see her with that precious boy in her arms.

  6. Can't wait to see pictures!! Glad everything is going well. I'm sure she misses you....who will be there to lighten the mood when she gets stressed out! LOL!

  7. I'm so happy they are safely there. I'm so looking forward to seeing new photos. When is "Gotcha Day"?

  8. Just looking for an update! I hope all is well!