Friday, October 14, 2011

Pings 6th Birthday (pictures)

The wife sent some lovely pictures of her day out with Ping on her Birthday.  She got her ears pierced for her 6th Birthday - just like her big sister did on her 6th Birthday.  Now, her actual Pancake Party is on Saturday... so there will probably be one more big dump of pictures then.

Love this Happy Birthday sign, it gets lots of use

Ping went shopping to get some "gifts" with the money the
grandparents sent

Freezing her ears before the peircing

If you look closely at her ear, you can
see the saran wrap which is keeping the
freezing in place

Getting her ears peirced

Can you see my earring?

How about if I stand like this?

Or like this?!

Aaaah, there it is


  1. Love your new earrings, Ping! I hope you had a wonderful birthday and enjoy your party tomorrow!

  2. Happy Birthday my dear little Ping !!