Thursday, July 7, 2011

Day 70something...

So we are still waiting for our LOA.  That's not great.
We were hoping to have it back around 30 or 40 days... ago.
Unfortunately, our adoption agency said that they spoke with China about our specific file, and it hasn't even been looked at yet!
Thats right.  We're at a 70 day wait... and our file is still sitting on a desk somewhere in China, without being looked at.

Lukai had just turned 2 when we got his referral (turned 2 in January) - and at this rate, I'll be thrilled to get him home by the time he turns 3.  Originally, we thought we could have him home by the time he was 2 1/2.  *siiigh* Oh well.  So goes international adoption.

But fear not!
And don't worry about us.
Or the delay!

The wife has found many things to keep her busy while waiting...  :-)

Wife:  You know, I was thinking.
Me:  That never ends well for me.
Wife:  You know what we need?
Me:  *stereo, stereo, please say stereo!*  Uh, no, what?
Wife:  A bed room fan.
Me:  *phew*  Oh yea, we could really use a new one.
Wife:  And since we're doing that, we could finish the bathroom.  The one that you and Steve tore out a while ago.
Me:  Uh, really?  Don't you want to wait until after the adoption to finish the bathroom?
Wife:  Oh yea, no, you're right.  We probably shouldn't spend any money until after the adoption is completed.  I'll just get a quote.
Me:  Okay, now we've talked about "quotes" already.  You do know what a quote means right?
Wife:  Oh stop it.  Its just a quote.
Me:  Okay, so the bathroom guy is NOT going to walk out of here with a cheque?
Wife:  No.  The bathroom guy is not going to walk out of here with a cheque.  *sticks out tongue at me*
Me:  Okay.  Great.  Carry on then.

... some time later in the week...

Me:  *ring* *ring* *ring*  Hello?
Wife:  Hey, it's me.  The bathroom guy just left, and I've got a quote.
Me:  Okay, great.  How much?
Wife:  Well, the total would be only around 2000$ to redo the bathroom.  Everything is on the cheap.
Me:  Oh, great.
Wife:  Yea.  Ummmm... do we have 1000$ in the bank right now?
Me:  What?  Why?  Why would you need 1000$ in the bank?  You didn't give the bathroom buy a cheque... riiiiight?
Wife:  Noooo, I didn't give the bathroom guy a cheque.
Me:  Phew.  Good.
Wife:  I have the construction guy a cheque.
Me:  WHAT?!
Wife:  And the architect.
Me:  WHAAAAT?!?!?!
Wife:  Well we have to add two new rooms on the house.  So the home builder guy came, and we got an architect to start drawing up the plans, and well... they wanted money!
Me:  But... but... no cheque!  NO CHEQUE!
Wife:  Right, the bathroom guy left with NO CHEQUE.  You didn't say anything about the architect or home builder.
Me:  Because I didn't KNOW about the architect or home builder!
Wife:  Well that's because you spend too much time at work, and don't listen to me.
Me:  WHAT?!  TO PAY FOR YOUR QUOTES!!!  That's why I'm at work and not home to listen to you.
Wife:  Do we have the money for the cheque, or not?  Cuz if we don't tell me now so I can call them and ask them not to cash it.
Me:  Yea, fine.  The money will be there.  I'll transfer some from the adoption fund I guess.
Wife:  Great.  Oh, and bring 1800$ cash home with you.
Me:  What?!  WHY?
Wife:  The bathroom guy starts tomorrow and needs to get paid.
Wife:  Ugh.  You are such a Drama Queen.  *click*

New bathroom for Baby Lukai...
cuz thats what every child needs.  :-)

Oh well... on the plus side, our bathroom looks lovely!  And I suppose we *could* use more room in the house with the ever expanding family.  And no, we don't really *have* the money to be doing the renovations, nor was it the 2000$ (it was more)... but I'm sure it will work out.

It looks like we might have a long wait to bring Lukai home anyway... so lots of time to try to re-coup the money.


  1. Oh...sorry about your long LOA wait. I was just wondering why you hadn't blogged in a while.

  2. Yea, its getting a little long. Grrrrrr. Oh well, the LOA will some... eventually.

  3. I cannot imagine how hard it is to wait when you know the child is waiting. Praying for everything to speed up from here on out.

    Renovations...I'll have to talk to my husband about that. What a great way to speed the time up!

  4. The bathroom looks great! I love your blog and I'm sorry about the long wait for the LOA. I pray it will come soon so that you can have your little one home! If you start to feel discouraged, take heart that you are so much further along than me! I'm still waiting on those fingerprints. While frustrated, I'm not discouraged! God is in control and he knows the exact minute that I will meet Journey. It would be nice if he clued me in! (hehe)
    Oh, can't wait to follow the travel and the additions (home).

  5. Your LOAéLSC WILL arrive, and I hope soon! I am so sorry it is taking this long, but I hope this waiting time will be productive (way to go Roberta!). You just need to realize that Roberta is `nesting`, and trying her best to get the house ready for the next arrival to your family!

  6. HAHA I had to laugh! That's what we thought waiting SOOOOOOOOOOOO LONNNGGGGGG for Hannah, but instead of a new bathroom we bought a new house with the adoption $! THEN got the referral right after! hahaha

    Nesting, as Drinkwater says! Sounds like it to me too! :-)