Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Officially the Parent of a Teenager

Now, the mood swings, the grunting, the sleeping in until noon, all have a reason.  I know try to contain the shock and awe at the fact that I'm old enough to have a teenager... trust me I feel old enough.

(earliest picture I could grab, others were pre-digital camera)

(reading to Grandma)


(picture with his Dad!)

I have loved watching our son grow and mature into the person he has been called to be.  He is lovely, gentile, thoughtful, compassionate, empathetic, smart and funny.  
He is a good friend, a good brother, and a good son.
When he was born, he didn't really cry or give us any grief.
After all the horror stories my mother had told me about how horrible of a child I was, we were relieved to find that our 1st child was not like me.
However, after 13 years, he is exactly like me.
The number of times he is told 'You are just like your Father, you walk like him, talk like him, even joke like him' is probably more than he likes.

Unpacking that, there is one very important thing to remember - I will never take credit for our kid turning out so wonderfully.  For if I took the credit when they turn out good, I have to also then take the credit when they turn out bad.

This is what parenting is all about.  I love seeing our children grow into wonderful mature people.  Forget the pain, suffering, sleepless nights, the crying, tantrums, the gray hair and the aching body they give us... to see them grow gives us hope!  Okay, it gives me hope.  Hope that one day (soon) they will be leaving my house and I can FINALLY get a good night sleep again!  :-)

I can't wait to see how all the other children turn out... even if the rest wind up being detriments to society, at least I know we got one right.  I'm sure the others will turn out OK as well though.  We'll see.  :-)

So Happy Birthday K!   Love you lots.  Although, you probably won't have read this yet, because you are still in bed.


  1. Happy Birthday! I love the picture with Dad.

  2. Happy Birthday! I hope it's a great day with lots of memories! I loved ALL the "chapters" in our children's lives and the teen years were exciting as well as we watched their talents and God's purpose in their lives unfold.

  3. Happy Birthday! A teenager! Let the fun begin!

  4. Happy Birthday teenager! Seeing as he's only one of your two that I have met in person, may I say that you must be doing something right? He's a great young guy. :)

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  6. i said a similar statement to my mother the other day "they will be leaving my house and I can FINALLY get a good night sleep again!" and she looked at me with wisdom in her eyes and said "honey i still worry about you and your siblings though you have all been gone from the house for years i now worry about where you are, what you are doing and if you are all safe. unfortunately the last good nights sleep you had was before children!"
    i say sleep is over rated anyway LOL!
    Love your posts, thoughtfilled, insiteful and funny I have laughed and cried as you have shared both your journies here...thank you!