Tuesday, May 31, 2011

SEARCH: putting an older child for adoption in ontario

NOTE:  This is a bit of a soap box type post - and I don't know how to deal with the "other side" of adoption without sounding like a complete {BEEP}.  I hope this post resonates with the love and respect I have for all people going though adoption, be it welcoming someone into their family, or helping make someone's family "more complete" by choosing life and adoption over other choices.

Sooooooo... ummmmm... I really donno what to say about that title.
The other day, I was obsession over the blog stats, as I tend to do every now and again.
It makes me feel you.  You know, like "Oh, look!  3 people read my blog today!", or "Yay!  Someone left a comment!  Okay, calm down, don't get too excited.  I wanna reply.  But I can't.  I'll look desperate.  Okay.  Just wait... don't... comment back... OH I GOTTA say something!?!?!"
Of course sometimes it has the opposite effect... you know... liiiike, "How come no one is reading my blog?!  No one likes me!!!"

... ummmm... okay... never mind all that above.

The point I'm TRYING to get to, is that some of the stats which are generated is how people come to my blog.  For example, I can see that right now, people have found our blog through the following web sites:
  • http://shirlee-mccoy.blogspot.com/
  • http://raudenbushfamily.blogspot.com/
  • http://bygracewearesix.blogspot.com/
  • http://nohandscurrentinfo.blogspot.com/

I can see that people have found us through Google Seach, as well as Yahoo Search and Bing/MS Live/MSN, using the following terms:
  • berzenji blog
  • forever family ping
  • china adoption older chlid
  • zhongshan orphanage

These things make sense... however, people have also found us through some more interesting searches... such as:
  • why is she always yelling at me?
  • catch a gernade for you (this one comes up A LOT, it's CRAZY how many times this comes up)
  • putting an older child for adoption in ontario

What?!  What was that last one?  Putting an older child for adoption in ontario?

At first I was like, wow... someone is missing the point.  I mean, we're here to get children adopted, not "put them up" for adoption.
Then, thankfully, wisdom kicked in.
That is EXACTLY the point.
I've always assumed that our blog here was to help:
  • advocate for adoption
  • bridge the gap between those adopting and those who don't understand adoption
  • be a safe place for people to start conversations within their family about adoption
  • to show that adoption can work and is beautiful

But maybe it should be bigger than that.

How many times have I said that our Ping was loved by her birth parents, and that is WHY she was put up for adoption.  If she was unloved, there would have been easier, safer ways to deal with the pregnancy.  How many times have I said that adoption is beautiful and wonderful.  But at the same time, full of loss and change.

How could I focus so heavily on "my side" of adoption and totally miss what was happening on the "other side" of the fence?

So, to any of you who may be here, not because you are adopting IN to your family, but maybe have made the bravest decision to go though the other side of adoption - and help find a loving wonderful home for you child - thank you.  Thank you for giving birth to a precious loved one who will help make a family more complete.  Thank you for not giving up during what ever it is you may be going through.  Thank you for choosing life over other options.

May you find in these pages, a picture of love, family, and a small glimpse of the kind of future you are helping to provide for you child.


  1. This may not be the time to mention this, but I always google fear of tupperware. Well, I did before I had a blog roll.

  2. YES! I forgot to add that one! Is it you who keeps getting here by "fear of tupperware"?!? :-)
    I remember seeing that and thinking "who the heck are these people afraid of tupperware"... I guess now I know. ;-)

  3. I like you man!!!!! And I ALWAYS read your bl.....website.

    I am kind of glad that I don't have a clue how to see any stats on my site. I guess that I would have to post more often to generate stats huh? Hmmmm maybe I'll post one now.

    Anyhow, I seem to remember R writing about a file with info researched on all the SNs. I would like to get my hands on it.....errrrr....for a friend....I guess that I should have emailed you on that one...

  4. Rob, if you "friend" was looking for information on special needs... here is a link to our Special Needs report we had to prepare for the ONtario government.


    If you want the WORD version of this document, let me know and I can forward it to you. :-)

    Hopefully your "friend" will get the answers they need. :-)

    Now, I'm gonna go check your blog...

  5. I'm reading! Hello from China!

  6. I can copy and paste it into Word....for my friend. Thanks very much!

  7. Ade! I can help with the 'catch a granade' searches... There's a pop song (I think the guy is a Brit) with 'I'd catch a granade for ya' as one of the main lyrics. It's pretty popular here in France, so probable elsewhere as well! :)
    Miss you guys *tons*!

  8. Yea, I think the artist is Bruno Mars(?). The title of that blog post came from that song. I just find it so funny that there are THAT many people searching for that song title/lyrics... and wind up at our blog... reading (hopefully reading) about adoption... :-)

    We're missing you guys too!