Thursday, April 14, 2011


*bing*  You've got Mail!
Wifes Email: Guess who needs glasses?  Ping.  Still in the eye doctors office*.

Immediately the internal dialog starts in my head once I ready the title of the email.
Oh great!  Ping needs glasses.  Thats just one more thing where she can be targeted at school.
She is short for her age.
She has a huge head.
She is the only Chinese person in the school.
She still struggles with some English phraseology.
She has to tilt her huge head backwards to keep her balance when running... oh wait till the kids on the play ground figure that one out.
She has spina bifida.
And now... glasses!
This poor girl will NEVER fit in!
... oh wait... there is an attachment...

Oh my GOSH!  Shes ADORABLE!  You know what... maybe she's gonna be okay with the glasses after all.     There's no way you can make fun of someone THAT cute!

When I got home, she came running to the door to tell me about her glasses...
Me:  Thats right baby, just like Daddy!
Ping:  I luv you Daddy!
Me:  And I love you.

On a side note... what I loved about that quick little exchange at the door is just how effortlessly it came out that she was getting glasses just like her Daddy.  There was no language of adoption there, just daughter like Daddy... it was all just the language of family.  :-)

* = Yes, she uses Mommy terms when talking to me (eye doctor VS optometrist**).  Actually, she's used Mommy terms quite a bit with me lately.  I've gotten the "How was school today" after getting back from work recently.  Followed up with the obligatorily "G'nite, sleep tight, don't forget to brush your teeth before bed."  Or the "Oooh, that's nice" like only a tired un-interested Mother can do when I'm trying to explain that I finally fixed the computer after it being broken for about 3 weeks - as if I had just discovered that I had SuperMan on my underpants***.

** = Yes, I totally had to look up how to spell that, maybe there is a reason she uses Mommy Terms with me.

*** = I don't.  Wait, hold on... oh look at that!


  1. Definitely adorable! Sweet and do you do that?

  2. Ooooooooo look at Miss Thing! You've got nothing to worry about!

  3. Cedar: I would like to say that it is my deliberate and brilliant writing style which mixes humor and though provoking insight balanced with a fair sense of reality and situations which anyone could relate to from almost any station in life... but to be more honest, I don't know how I "do that". :-)

    Shelly: Isn't she cute though! :-)

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  5. Ahhhh, the glasses. Both my girls have em. I hope you have good coverage, cause the cute ones are the expensive ones!!. Can I ask you in 6 months if your Ping still loves em?? Are they for close or far distances?? We are in getting Lia's adjusted every 2 weeks as they are always falling down to the end of her nose.

    She does look cute, she may need 2-3 pairs to go with different outfits, he he!!

  6. she looks ADORABLE with glasses. I love how she is posing int he first one....the only thing you have to worry about is fending off the boys in a few years....

  7. absolutely adorable! My little has glasses (got them just shy of age 3) - she would love stylish frames like Ping but poor baby girl has no nasal bridge (she also is short & has a huge head - oh and add in low set ears). So she's stuck for now with little wire rimmed glasses that I think look kinda like cousin Oliver from the Brady Bunch. She's started to grow into her head - hoping her nose fills out just enough to be able to get some sweet frames.

  8. She looks beautiful! Kids often don't realise that they can look even cuter with glasses.

  9. how cute is she! I keep hoping that our girls need them....nope, not yet!

    Ping sure looks a lot taller than ours...she will be fine, ours looks like a toddler going into JK....with really poor speech..poor teacher has her work cut out with our daughter (temper, fiesty personality!)

  10. Ping looks adorable and ready to take on the world!

  11. I can't believe how much Ping has grown! She looks so cute and totally stylish in those frames!

  12. Those pictures are adorable, She looks happy, confident, and excited to share her glasses. Sweet girl!!