Monday, April 4, 2011

After 140+ votes...

... we've decided on a name NOT on the list.  :-)

Isn't that just the way things go.  But the name we picked is great!  Its AWESOME!  I would say it is the greatest awesome-est name in decades!  Yes sir, it is a name for the ages.

So... to make amends for not listing to those of you all who ever so willingly tried to help us decide on a name, I give you two pictures of our girls in Cowboy hats... you know... because that is crazy cute, and then when you see the cuteness, you can't be upset that we didn't listen to any of the 140+ of you.  :-)

G in a Cowboy hat

Ping in a Cowboy hat

Oh, and I suppose I COULD tell you the name... it is...  Oh wait!  Someone is calling me... I'll be back later.  :-)


  1. SO excited to hear Barnebas is back on the forefront!
    Cruel... very cruel indeed.

  2. Horatio!


    Love the cowgurl picts too!

  3. Horatio really started to grow on me... :-) But alas poor Youric, twas not to be.

  4. I'm still liking Graysonm:o)

    Love the cowboy pics!

    Question: So I went to our local Asian food store ad they were out of the cans of premade Congee, she sent me home with the stuff to make it along with directions but didn't tell me if I made it all I could feed an army....have you tried freezing it? Wondering if it's possible. Sugar Pie coud live on the stuff. lol

  5. Horatio?? really....?? please tell me that's a joke Adrian....

  6. Dez: re: Congee + Freezer - it should be able to freeze. But my Chinese co-workers say that they do not freeze it, but it should freeze ok. Just maybe not be as nice once it is thawed. :-)

  7. in which birth order did you adopt your children hun? I have a 6 yr old from China and we are considering a 12 yr old from there now

  8. Molly's Mum:

    In Ontario, there is a preference by the government that any adopted child should be at least 18 months younger than your youngest.

    So our order is thus:
    12 years old - bio
    10 years old - bio
    6.5 years old - bio
    5 years old - adopted
    2.5 years old - adopted (pending)

    We asked about adopting an 8 year old in between the 10 and 6 year old - and we were told "No" by our social worker.

    There are other rules for other provinces, countries, and even different interpretations of the "18 month rule" within the social workers in Ontario - but for us, that was the answer we got.

    Hope that helps... ? :-)

  9. Cute girls in cowboy hats for sure!!! But, I'm just dying to know that name you all chose!