Thursday, March 24, 2011

Grayson ... REALLY?!

Okay, look *some* of you have been voting for the name Grayson on our blog.  Stop it.  Seriously.  Why would you vote for the name Grayson... its, like, the boy version of Grace!  And I think we've covered how I feel about that.

Do I look like a Grayson?
My father emailed me - pointing out that Luka would be a great name, because it is Croatian.  However, Luke would be a poor choice since "it is the plural form of Luka."

I still think Beck is a pretty cool name - although only 2 people agree with me on that.  And I think little Bing could look like a Beck.

Thank you EVERYONE for NOT voting for Maddox!  Hopefully there are not enough Maddox parents out there to get angry at me (unlike the Grace parents...) - but Maddox is just a crazy name.  What would it be shortened to?  Mad?  Maddy?  Mad Max?!  Oh!  Mel Gibson when he was cool!

Ooooh, Mel when he was cool!
Which brings me to Kai.  I like Kai.  It is similar to Kaida.  Aaaah, Kaida... the name which should have been.  But my wife didn't really see the point of removing one Chinese name, only to replace it with ANOTHER Chinese name.

So, where are we with our childs name?  I'm not sure yet.  We've narrowed it down to these 5 names, and I think there are only two on the list which are really gonna make it to the end... but let me paint a picture of how this is REALLY going to go down.

... fast forward a few months...

Wife:  Hey baby!
Me:  Hey!  How is China?
Wife:  Horrible!  You should have come!  Oh WHY oh WHY did I come and NOT you!  You would have traveled better than me, you would have slept better than me, you can speak some Mandarin... I should  have stayed home with the other 4 children and YOU should have been here*.
Me:  I know.  I told you that.
Wife:  I'm so sorry.
Me:  I know.  I forgive you.
Wife:  We go pick up Bing tomorrow!
Me:  Awesome!  I'll be praying!  Call me as soon as you can!

... next day...

Wife:  YAY!  He is so beautiful!
Me:  Awesome!  So, which name are we going with?  Luka or Kai?
Wife:  I've decided to name him Horatio.
Me:  WHaaaaaaAAATTT?!??  What wasn't on the list!
Wife:  I know!  But you should see him!  He has the cutest little Horatio eyes!
Me:  You can't name him Horatio!  What, is he from Denmark?!?!
Wife:  No silly.  But you know, once you see your child, then you can name him!  Before you see him, you just don't know what he is...
Me: ... WHAT?!  Then WHY did you keep me up for HOURS each night going over the different names?  And saying them different ways?!  Luka!  LUKA!  Luuuuka!  LU-KA!  Luke.  Luuuuke.  LUKA!
Wife:  Oh you don't understand!  You're not a mother!
Me:  You can't name him Horatio.
Wife:  Oh look, there is the Citizenship paper on my desk... first name... H... O...
Me:  Don't do it!
Wife:  R... I...
Me:  Stop it!  Stop IT!  Go with Kai!  KAI!
Wife:  T...I...
Me:  A!  You're spelling it wrong!  It is HorAtio... you spelled it HorI...
Wife:  There!  DONE!

... some time latter...


... see... THAT is how it is going to do gown.  Don't believe me?  Just go read the last 2 1/2 years worth of blog posts.  *siiiiigh* 

Until then... I'm holding onto Kai.

* = HEY, this is MY fast forwarded future!  I can make it up however I want!


  1. Hilarious. Much funnier than our naming conversations of late. Definitely "no" to Grayson.

  2. Your "Horatio" scenario reminds me of how my Grandma named my dad. I'll have to tell you the story some day! :)


  3. Bahahahaha. Horatio is lovely. LOL.

    Grayson is a cool name, IS.

    Beck is even cooler.

    I love Luke.

    Luka, not so much.

    Just my opinion.

    Is that what you asked for? LOL Probably not! Go with your heart. Whatever name you pick will fit him perfectly, I'm sure.

    But I'm voting for Beck. I love one-syllable names for boys!

  4. Why don't you choose Lucas, That's super cute ! I love it !

  5. Since you are sort of looking for comments, I suggest you also consider how a name *might* lead to name calling later in life-- yeah I know, kids always find something to tease about. My thoughts-- and please nobody get mad me!

    Luka rhymes with puke-ah;

    Maddox-- any relation to the Jolie-Pitt family?

    Grayson-- I'm with the Yeti on that one (Please no hate mail).

    Beck-- to similar to Becky and also sounds like a chicken call-- Beckkkk, Beck-beck, becckkk.

    I like Kai . . . and



  6. I voted for Kai and I also like Luke not too crazy about Luka but Lukas was supposed to be a name for our bio child who turned to be a girl. Sorry but I abolutly do not like any other names on your list. But this is your child and you should pick a name you like. We will adjust to your pick.


  7. You will not get any name vote from me--too much pressure. But, sure is funny reading about your process!

  8. Ok, there are 5 million Graysons here in the south, so I will have to say, umm nope. Luka - adorable! Kai, yes, he looks like a Kai! I think the artist "Beck" is super cool - he got da crazy cool moves ( ), but I can only think of that "Beck" when I hear the name Beck! I think Samuel is a really cute name and Sam as a nickname is super cute. I know you all weren't even thinking of that, but I thought I would throw it in there. :) :)

  9. Oh my gosh... cracking up here, Adrian!
    We have had a few heated conversations over names in the past. I love your recap of yours much better than ours :)
    Gonna go vote, not going to tell you which one though.
    P.S. Oh Mel. You were SO cool. What happened to you?!?

  10. I know several girls named Gracen/Graycen/Graysen/Grayson - my brother is Lucas & goes by Luc - cool nickname for Maddox would be mad dog. If we ever have another little guy come into our fam I'd go with Beck

  11. I hope you will keep his name BING because he looks like a Bing.

  12. I don't understand -- why would you ask us to choose from a list of names you don't like? :)

    I think he looks like an Eli or an Isaiah.

    But if I HAD to choose from your list, I'd choose Beck.

  13. I think he looks like a Jack. I like Luka (our Luca to-be turned out to be a girl) and Beck is unique, love that!

  14. Beck or Luke.

    Grayson sounds like he should be at the ole' fishin' hole in a pickup truck with a Confederate Flag and a Bud light.

  15. Not keen on Luka or Beck. Don't mind Grayson actually though I do agree with you about Grace. I think it is the -son ending which is nice. Jackson might be an alternative for you. I'm not crazy about Beck but I do like the idea of keeping the first sound of his chinese name and his new name the same. How about Brian or Bruce? Kai and Maddox are just too trendy. Ick. Sorry.

    Now I have to agree with you: you look at your child and then choose the right name (or make sure the name you chose fits). When I look at little Bing I think he looks like a Max: a nice solid name with a happy countenance. But I have to say we kept each of our children's names secret until we introduced them because everyone has their own opinions about names!

    Can't wait to hear the final decision for Bing's new name.


  16. In my humble opinion... he's a Kai FOR SURE!
    Best of luck, he is beautiful.
    Having another contest on our blog, so stay tuned! ( Should be ready in a couple of weeks.
    I have just spent that last 2 hours catching up on your blog! I have obviously missed a lot! Congratulations.
    Love the blog and love hearing about your family!
    Good luck with the name game...
    Kai...for sure...
    Take good care.
    The Thomson's

  17. I didn't read any above comment just try to avoid the impact on my thought. I will go for Kai. For me, "Kai" is a very Chinese name. I'm sure you found this form web -
    The origin of the name Kai is Polynesian/Hawaiian.
    I asked a couple of people. Everyone pronounce the name just like I do. The kid will get it right away. You can call him "kaikai" as nickname at home just like we call Sarah - "chenchen".

  18. I voted for Luke, but that is one of the names we like for a boy, which we are NOT adopting. At least not at this time! LOL! I'm excited that I can finally leave comments on blogs again, so I also want to add that he is the cutest little boy, no matter what you name him!

  19. My first time posting on your blog, but I hear from your dear wife often on my blog. Our daughters were in Zhongshan together. I have to say I love the post about your father. I wish I still had my dad are blessed to have him so close to you. And, I agree with you on Grayson and Maddox. But, I have to agree with your wife on Kai. But, I absolutely LOVE Beck! He looks like a Beck. It sounds manly. I went to school with a fella named Brock. He's manly, too. I like that name. Happy debating at your home.