Monday, February 7, 2011

When the Wifes away...


Oh yea, that's right.  I've still got dirty dishes sitting on the counter from Saturdays CNY Party, but thats OK.  Cuz we had a great time.  There were crafts for the kids, the house was decorated, good food, great friends, new friends, and even fireworks!  Thanks Theo for risking life and limp firing off the fireworks with me.  I won't tell you where I got them, cuz that might scare your parents.  ;-)

So, on Saturday we missed the Chinese School Party party cuz I work up sick... but we still had our party.  Then on Sunday, we had the FOI Party!

I'll add some photos here as they come in...


  1. So fun! And you made it through that hectic, crazy weekend. Who cares about the dishes? :) Still praying for Roberta. Hope she is keeping her spirits up!

  2. Excellent pictures Adrian. Makes me feel like I was there....hmmmmm the guy in that one family shot looks suprisingly like me......hey the girls that he's with look an awful lot like my wife and know, I think that I may have been there!!!!!

  3. It was very nice! Thanks for organizing all this! Theo, even if he risked his life, keeps talking about the Fireworks, he wants to do it again... Thanks Adrian!!!
    Send all our love to Roberta. We think about her a lot!

    Fran & Terry