Sunday, February 20, 2011

Ask A Yeti: First Question

Dear Mr. Yeti,
I have a question that I have been wondering about....
It seems to me the Yeti's have big fat do you manage to type so much....and even throw features like bold, italics, underlines?  I even think I have seen some bold underlined italics......

Oh right, like I've never heard that before!  Being a Yeti dose add some complications when trying to fit into a humans world.  Keyboards are notoriously small.  Don't even think about asking how we type on our Palm Pre Smart Phone!  

Soemtims when there are spelling mistakes in our typing, epople asume that its beacuse we Yetis are un-intelligent. Or, that we don't understand the english language as it is not our native tongue.  Neither of these facts be true.  Yetis are born communicators.  We have to be.  We travel so very far, alone, in search of other Yeti that we have to be able to communicate over great distances.  Male Yetis never ask for directions either (a trait I hear Human males share with us), so sometimes we have to go months wandering around alone until we stumble upon another male Yeti where we can then ask for directions in safety.  Even during these lonely months, we often communicate with ourselves (sometimes mistaken as crazy, Yetis can be seen talking (and sometimes answering) themselves for these weeks on end) just to keep the Yeti mind active.  No,  any spelling mistakes in a Yetis typing is the results of our "big fat fingers", or the Lepricons.

Yes, the Lepricons.  Yetis are very resourceful.  We catch Lepricons and force them to type our emails.  Lepricons however, are horrible spellers and typists, but their fingers fit the keyboards.  And there be no Lucky Charms for them unless they finish their typing.  It's also the Lepricons who add the bolditalicsunderlines, and yes, the bold underlined italics... (we won't even talk about the different font sizes or colours!).  Lepricons are horrible showmen.  Always running around showing off, "oooh you can't catch me!", or "look at my rainbow!  Isn't it colourful!".  Horrible showmen.  Always having to be fancy and such.  Drives us Yeti crazy.

So, quick recap of the email.  Yes, we have fat fingers.  We have Lepricons type for us.  Lepricons like the fancy effects.  Lepricons make a tasty mid-noon snack.  Wait, that last bit wasn't part of the email?

Yetilly yours, 
The Yeti

Oh ENOUGH the the colours, and bold underlined italics already!  Silly Lepricons!

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