Wednesday, January 19, 2011

To Those Travelling Soon

This post goes out to all you people who are travelling to pick up your adopted child soon...

To you Shelly, Patrica, and others, who in the true spirit of Adoption have decided to take the WHOLE family with them (yes I'm looking at you Mr + Mrs Our Family Is So Big They Had To Create a Travel Group Just For Us) to China... this post is for you...

... a little while ago...
Wife:  Did you know that Mr and Mrs So-and-So are travelling soon to pick up their child?
Me:  What?  Really?  Last time I heard I thought they were just going to send 1 parent like us.
Wife:  Yea.  They changed their mind.
Me:  So who is going now?  Both parents?
Wife:  Yea.  Their 4 kids will stay with the Grandparents.
Me:  Oh well, good for them then.

... a few days later...
Wife:  So-and-So are bringing their kids to China now too!
Me:  What?  Really.  Thats like, 6 people!
Wife:  Yea!
Me:  Crazy!  That would cost LOTS of money.
Wife:  I know.  We can barely send one of us... maybe one of the kids can come with me?
Me:  Lets just finish paying for things, and see how much money we have left over.

... a few days later still...
Wife:  So-and-So are bringing all the GRANDPARENTS too!
Me:  What?!
Wife:  Yea!  They are like, flying out 11 people!
Me:  How?!  How is that possible?
Wife:  I don't know.  I can't believe we're not all going.
Me:  It is expensive... ex... spen... sive!
Wife:  I know.  But... but how wonderful would that be!
Me:  EX.  SPEN.  SIVE!
Wife:  Can't you work a little more overtime?!
Me:  I am working "a little more overtime"!
Wife:  Maybe Mr. So-and-So just loves his wife more.
Me:  Thats like... 11 people times... uh... 2000$ for airfare per person... thats A LOT of money!
Wife:  That's OK, you can just say you don't love me.

I'm still trying to figure out a way to send even just ONE of us to China to bring home our new Son or Daughter.

The last thing I need is MY WIFE knowing that *some* of you guys, with 11 people in your family ALL FLYING to China!

So to all you crazy people out there talking about bringing the whole family with you to China... from the bottom of my heart... 


I can't afford for you all to travel to China...   :-)


  1. Haahhahahahahha! Don't you know it's all in our diabolical plan to complicate your life and marriage at its very core? just kidding ;) It's really all about creating more material for your blog.

  2. And I appreciate all you do to help my blog out. :-) As for your "diabolical plan", my wife doesn't need the help. Shes doing fine on her own. :-) But we are totally excited that everyone is going to be able to go! What an amazing memory that the whole family will be able to share in! Totally envious over here. :-)

  3. Sending 1 person to China versus 11 people-- it is just one more "1."

    It would be a great trip for the family-- maybe you could give your kids the option of either all traveling to China or having a college fund?