Saturday, January 8, 2011

I blame my parents...

I blame my parents...
I do.
Thats my answer.
Now, what was the question?

See, my parents are awesome.
I was truly blessed to grow up with one of those childhoods people write about in books.
Dad worked.
Mom stayed home and raised us.
Dad coached our soccer team.
Brothers and sisters in the family all got along.
Grew up in the woods running in the forest wrestling bears wrapped in bacon.
Never saw Mom and Dad fight.
Had parents who trusted us to grow and make the right decisions.
Family vacations.
Drinking coffee cooked on an open fire while camping in the woods.
Building forts in the back yard.
... and the list goes on.

So... what was the question?
Ah right, "Why are we adopting?".

Growing up with a family like that, really messed me up (in a good way).  :-)
I ever-so-foolishly assumed that EVERYone had a chance to grow up in a home full of love and a wonderful family.  I didn't really understand conflict, or fighting, or that children could go their whole lives without hearing their parents (or someone) say "I Love you".

As a father, a son, a little brother and a big brother... I am choosing not to sit idly by while some children have to go though life without the loving family I had.  There are some 140million children in this world whose family may be sorely lacking... I've got enough love left for 1 more... if I can fill just 1 more child's life with the type of family and love that I had while I was growing up, then I will.  Not to save that child, but to give them a loving family...

I also learned from my parents that "there is always room for more"... now, they may have been talking about Jell-O at the time... I wasn't really paying attention.

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