Monday, January 24, 2011

Her 200$ Congee Challange

Look at your blog, now look back at mine.  Now your's, now hers.  Sadly, your blog isn't her blog.  But your blog could be as cool as her blog, if you linked to her blog for this Congee Fundraiser.

For those who have not been to Braided Tresses, you have got to check it out (  She is doing fund raising for Orphans in China, she is raising awareness in her local community for Adoption, and she is donating her hair thought Locks of Love for Cancer patients.

And now... she is willing to go on a Congee diet to help raise funds for an Orphange in China - by eating only Congee for three days IF they can raise 200$ or so by the 27th!

This little girl never ceases to amaze me!

So here is the thing, she dragged her Father into this... apparently by fluttering her eye lashes at him.  She has some pretty potent eye lashes, cuz now, I'm going to up the ante.

IF we can raise $500 (using the "ChipIn" button on the right side of your screen there) - then I will join her and her Dad on a congee diet for 3 days.

Ping (and you know who you are), I might need you to help me make 3 days worth of Congee... quick.   :-)

Check out her blog for more information.

Now look back at me, whats in my hand?  Look, its 9 bowls of congee.

The Yeti


  1. I laughed out loud - love those commercials! Glad to see you're joining the party!


  2. hilarious!

    Just a moment ago I found myself looking at my supper, then I looked at Sharaya's, then back at mine. Sadly, Sharaya's supper was not mine. I was having salmon. She was having congee.

  3. LOL! :-) We laugh now... just wait... knowing your daughter, we might be stuck with the congee as well. :-)

  4. Well ol' friend, you speak the truth. Now, I am looking at my supper, then at Sharaya's supper, now back at mine. Sadly my supper IS Sharaya's supper. My My, what a difference a day can make. Looks like I totally underestimated Sharaya's fundraising abilities. Well, at least we're closer to the goal!

    ...Somebody please pass the salt! This needs more salt!
    -you're next :)

  5. Ha ha! Clever! Well, I love her blog and am so amazed at that little girl! I linked to be a follower, but for some reason tried to post a comment, but it said it was unable. hmmm.. I will try again, maybe it was just a fluke.