Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Emotions: Up, Down, Up, Down, Up, Up, Down, Sideways, Down, Up, ARGH!

So, after a very exciting afternoon... more to come later... we wound up almost no where new.

But I did get some GREAT news!
I've got a tonne more information on the Special Focus program China is running now.
I've got a tonne of wonderful information on how much easier China is making it to adopt children (stuff like your China dossier is good for multiple adoptions so long as all adoptions are within 12 months of each other, blah blah blah)
I've found out there are many boys in the system who need good homes.

But I've also found out the following NOT so great news.
All those wonderful China improvements in placing children mean almost nothing because:

  • our doctor did not check 4 little boxes in the wifes medical forms
  • our paperwork is NOT accepted by Ontario yet

So what dose that mean?

That even if today, my adoption agency found a child, which we COULD be a great family for, they are unable to place that child in our care because of ONTARIO rules and regulations which are now outdated, a little less than useless and cumbersome.  If China is trying to make it easier to adopt children, then so help me, our Government should follow suit.

So... after an emotional afternoon... where are we?  Back where we started, but a little more educated.

I did however have a wonderful afternoon with our Adoption Agency.  I mean, has YOUR adoption agency ever had their daughters cook you cup cakes while reviewing paperwork?!?!    :-)

Thanks Grace and Grace!  Yes, both their daughters names are Grace... I think we've covered how I feel about that.  :-)


  1. Thanks for the update. I really want to have a hate-on for the provincially run adoption ministries here in our fair country, but I will choose not to. And I'm CERTAIN that when it is time for you to connect with your new little person, NOTHING will stand in the way. God is faithful like that, isn't He? Oh, and just so you haev my "official" vote. Boys are fabulous people too. In fact I hear that having the boy-girl ratio solidly tipped in the boys' favour really does actually mean that a perfect boy-girl ratio has actually been achieved. :)

  2. How frustrating! I agree with learning together....God is faithful. His timing is always perfect.

    Doesn't make it easier to wait, though, right? It does, however, give us something to lean on.

    Praying for you all during this process!

  3. PS There are MANY boys, and they all need to be loved.

  4. Well... all knowledge is good, right?
    Keep hanging on tight to the roller coaster!

  5. Sorry to hear about your delays. We are also adopting though FOI and LOVE them. We had the pleasure of meeting with Bob when we were up in Ottawa in December. Yulin happened to be in China at the time so we did not get to meet her. But my son (who is 2.5) LOVED Bobs daughters. They were playing with him and giving him rice cookies which he loved. I am so happy to be with such a wonderful caring agency.