Monday, December 20, 2010

Chinese School - New Student

I know there is always much chatter about Chinese School for our adopted little ones from China.  I assume it would be the same for anyone who adopted internationally and cross-culturally.
I know some are very Pro Chinese School.
Some are very Anti Chinese School.
I figure, we just do our best for our children, and it may not be the same for every child or family... but we've had some interesting times at Chinese School so far.  :-)

Ping in Class...
From the "I don't want to Learn Chinese", to the "don't send me back to China" and the occasional emotional melt down to the overly enthusiastic response when she remembers something in Chinese... I though we had seen it all... until...

Ping:  We go China school tomorrow?
Me:  Yes Ping, we will go to China School tomorrow.
Ping:  Just you and me?  We go school?
Me:  Yes, Daddy will come.
Ping:  And Daddy stay with Ping.
Me:  Of course Daddy will stay with you.
Ping:  Cuz Daddy never leave me.
Me:  Thats right, Daddy will never leave you.
Ping:  Cuz you love me!
Me:  Thats right.
G:  Daddy, can I come to Chinese School with you and Ping?
Ping:  Whaaaaaaat?  You learn Chinese?
G:  Yes, cuz if I learn Chinese, then I can go to China when we adopt again.
Me:  G, you really want to come to Chinese school?
G:  Yup!
Ping:  YAY!!! Me and Gemma go Chinese School!  Mah big sister!
G:  Pleeeeeease can I go?!
Me:  Of course you can come.  We'll just have to talk to the teacher when we get there.
Ping + G:  YAAAAAAY!!!
Big Sister G in Chinese School
And G did come to Chinese School this Saturday.  I was expecting to get a little bit of grief from the teachers - as an outsider, it can be very intimidating sometimes dealing with a whole slew of people you don't know or understand.  To my amazement, they were very very excited to let G join the class!  The Teacher sure worked hard to get her included in things, even the circle time and all.  They understood (as best they could) the adoption issues (that Ping felt scared in class thinking that we were going to send her back to China, but with G there, she had less fear (because we would not send G to China)) and bent a few of the rules for my precious babies.

They are going to allow G to take Jr. Kindergarten with her little sister Ping - and they are both very excited to be in the same class (even if G is a couple years older than most of the kids there).
The Cuteness is overwhelming in Chinese School now!
I'm really curious to see how this is all going to play out.

But for now, I'm just amazed at our children, and even though G was absolutely LOST in class (the whole class is in Mandarin, no English at all), and there was so much going on she didn't understand, G stuck it out, and is willing to come back week after week to be with her Sister.


  1. A great story of sisterly love!

  2. Yea, we're just thrilled that at least ONE of her siblings is willing to take the class with her. :-)

  3. Oh, how I loved reading this. Both your girls sound amazing.

  4. It's great to hear a story like this where an older sister takes an interest in learning her little sister's language. It is such a nice reassurance for Ping to feel secure in her belonging to her family. We to are looking at a second adoption.