Friday, November 5, 2010

Orphan Sunday - We're Sharing!

Just a quick shout out - this Sunday is Orphan Sunday ( and our church The Life Centre ( is going to be dedicating part of this Sunday (Nov 7th) to the Adoption Movement.  If you happen to be in the Ottawa area - and are looking for a good way to celebrate Orphan Sunday - feel free to come and check it out!  It should be a good time!  There's gonna be some cool stuff going on (I mean, me and the wife are sharing with some other families which have adopted).

2214 Innes Rd
Ottawa, ON K1B 4C4


  1. Sounds very cool! Which time are you there? It is Clarissa's birthday, so the day is pretty booked. However, it isn't much further from home than normal for us so we may be able to swing it. The 11:15 might be tougher because I have to make homemade spaghetti for everyone who is coming for dinner. Spaghetti is Clarissa's fav afterall, so I am doing it all (pasta and sauce)from scratch.

  2. I have to say I am jealous! Can I be jealous about a church service? Well, I am! No mention of Orphan Sunday here. Hope all goes well and that you get lots of honest questions afterwards, not to mention stirred hearts!

  3. We will be there for both services - the earlier service is at 9:30am. We're gonna make sure we have time between the two services to talk to people (if anyone wants to chat). So maybe the earlier service is best...

    And yes, you can be jealous of a church service. :-)

  4. Thank you for sharing so beautifully today! You guys are such inspirations! The talk should be available online by tomorrow - then you can add the link : )

  5. So excited to hear another Canadian church did this, We did this as well.Good job!!!