Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Happy Birth Day Ping!

Pings 1st Birthday with us!
Well this week ("Othtober thirteeth") is Pings 5th Birthday!
And my gosh - is SHE excited!
I think she is making up for all her missed birthdays!
It is a birthday extravaganza!
Well, in her mind anyway.
She has had a chance to go to one or two birthday parties since she has come home with us, and she is ALL about the Birthday!
Well, shes all about the presents...
And the "I'm 5!"
She is very excited to be 5.
She is going to be big, like "her big sister!  Cuz den I be 6, like mah sista!"
She is excited about having her friends come over to her house.
Although she is NOT excited about boys coming... because "boys are stinky" according to Ping (something I hope her big sister might learn).

So yes, it will be a fun filled week of lavishing gifts upon our daughter for her 5th Birthday!

We are very excited for her.

Yet, some how... the "mother" finds a way to feel guilty.  She thinks she should be even MORE excited!
The house is already decorated... balloons are up on the wall... the big "Happy Bithday" banner is hanging above the table...  The invitations are all sent out...  now, we just have to survive the birthday...

I hope to post many many cute pictures of the party later.  :-)


  1. Happy 5th Birthday Ping! And 5 is a SUPER BIG birthday...just ask Kaylin as she celebrated hers this past May! :) I'm assuming you all know too that 2 other littles from Z are also celebrating birthdays...how wonderful! Sounds like Birthday week .... or two! :) Can't wait to see the pics!

  2. Happy 5th Birthday Ping!!!! Birthday parties when you are young are the BEST!

    Ping-- don't let that crazy yettie guy fool you--it isn't a birth'day'-- it is a Birthday-week!

    Josie's birthday is in November and she started talking about her birthday last month! LOL! Between school, family and friends there are usually three birthday parties.

    Start chanting-- "it's my birthday week, it's my birthday week!"

    Have a great one!

  3. Wishing you a very happy birthday Ping!!

  4. Happy birthday, Ping!!! I hope you make many precious memories and enjoy every minute of it!

  5. Happy birthday to you!!!! Happy Birthday to you!!!! Happy birthday dear Ping!!!!! Happy birthday to you!!!!

    Wishing you a wonderful day,
    Clarissa, Carolyn, and Rob.

    May you feel God's blessing all over you! And you can party to your hearts content! Enjoy it big girl,YOUR 5!!!!!!!

    Have a fun day!
    Jen, Nat and Aidan

  7. Happy Birthday to Ping! Our little guy just turned 5 a couple weeks ago. I just LOVE the inquisitiveness of 5 year olds! By the way, you mentioned on one of your posts that Ping was singing in Mandarin. We are also adopting from Zhongshan. We had recently switched from a Taiwan adoption and I had learned MANY MANY phrases in Mandarin. However, I know they speak Cantonese in Zhongshan, so I was so disappointed that all my hard work may have been lost. However, on the yahoo group, Roberta said the children also speak Mandarin. Do even the young children speak both, even before they begin school? The little girl we are adopting will be 3 when we pick her up. Any advice would be appreciated!

  8. I will make sure to pass on all the Bithday Wishes to Ping. :-)

    Annie, yes, in ZhongShan, your child will probably be able to understand BOTH Mandarin and Cantonese. The workers at the orphanage will speak Cantonese to each other, but will use Mandarin to address/teach the children. :-)

  9. Thanks Adrian! That is VERY helpful!