Sunday, October 31, 2010

Don't you worry about: Is it the Right Thing?

We have four beautiful children.  Our first three were biological, our fourth, was adopted.  Ever think about that term "biological"?  As if our adopted children aren't biological.  Its like, I have 3 biological children, and 1 cyborg!  Ah well, never mind, thats not the point of this post.

When we started the adoption process, we got the regular list of questions... those of you looking to adopt, I'm sure you've been asked them as well.   You get asked many questions, all with good intentions, but all which are pretty useless.  Not the question, I mean, the question is not useless... more often than not, it is the answers which are useless.  The questions are good, because you should not do things blindly, but the answers are pretty much useless because they are more often than not answered out of our own fear, limitations, thoughts, plans, or whatever...

It's as if sometimes God is sitting in Heaven, watching us with our "plans" in life.  I mean, we makes plans to have 1 child, or to wait 5 years to have children, or that we are going to work at company X, or company Y, we are going to go to this school and take that course... me me me me me... I I I I I...

God:  Hey, how ya doing?
Me:  Oh good.  Yea, I'm doing great.  I've got everything under control!
God:  Cool.  Cool.  Sooo, uh, what you doing about having kids?
Me:  Oh well, you know... we figured we would wait 5 years, and then have 'em.
God:  Reeeeeally?
Me:  Yea, you know, we just bought the 1 bed room condo, and 2 door car.  I'm still in school...
God:  Didn't you just quit school?
Me:  Uh, yea.  But you know, I'll get back to it... one day.
God:  How about this, how about, you go back to school now...
Me:  Huh, I could... but I've got my plans.
God:  So do I son... so do I.
Wife:  Hey babe, guess what?
Me:  What?
Wife:  I'm pregnant!
Me:  ...
Wife:  You might want to go back to school and finish your education before this little one comes along.
Me:  God?  I told you I've got my plans!
God:  Yes, but I told you, I've got my own plans.  And they are all good and true.  Just stick close to me, I've got it all under control!
Me:  Well, I've got it under control as well!
God:  Really... you've got it under control.  Do you remember grades 8 through 12?
Me:  Ummmm... yea... about that...
God:  Never mind, it's already forgotten.  Just stick with me, I've got it under control.
Me:  Easy for you to say, you are not the one with a child coming!
God:  Would you just trust me?
Me:  I would find it A LOT easier to trust me if you did things MY way!  Oh, and you know what, it's not like you have a GREAT parenting track record!  You've only had 1 kid, and he ended up getting into some pretty bad trouble and getting himself killed!
God:  You are right, you would probably find it easier if I did it "your" way.  But if I did it "your" way, I would not have sent my son... and then where would you be?
Me:  Well I wouldn't be here with a kid on the way I'll tell you that much!
God:  Nope, you would be in a far worse place.  You may not believe me, but this will be good for you.
Me:  Alright.  I trust you.  Its been a great 21 years so far.  How bad can things get.

I love being 12 years removed from that day and that conversation with God.  I love being able to look back over the 12 years and go... you know what... that really WAS the best thing for me.

Sometimes, what God asks of us is not easy.
But it is always the right thing.

So how do we know that adopting is the right thing for us?
Well, because it is where God is leading us.
Will it be easy?  No.
Will it be exciting?  Yes.
Are we crazy for going for child #5?  Probably.

But I would rather be crazy with God following his plans, than thinking I'm safe following my own plans.

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  1. Awesome Ade, I love and miss all you guys. Love Julio