Monday, August 23, 2010

Graceful Recovery

It seems that every two months, my wife and I look back over the process of Ping, and think "Wow!  What a change these last two months have made!"

We think back to when she first joined our family, and the tantrums, and the melt downs, and the attempted assassinations... and now, what a difference!  You would be hard pressed to even recognize her!  Everything about her has "softened".

uh-oh... the meltdown has begun!
She even gave me a kiss on my cheek - with my "owies" and all!  Trust me, she reminded me that there were owies - "I give you kiss Daddy!  Even wif OWIES!  I lub you!"

Actually, she is on this "I love you MORE" kick - which is very sweet... even at 3:30 am... when she is waking you up... just to tell you... and then giggling... every so cutely.

This weekend was full of Birthdays!  We had our 2nd Eldest Sons birthday on Friday, when I took our Eldest Daughter to her friends Birthday on Saturday... then I took her AGAIN on Sunday (when the party actually WAS happening)...  the whole time, Ping was quite upset that SHE did not have a Birthday Party to go to.  She is trying so hard to be social.  :-)

Wait!  I'm only getting the "eeeeevil eye!"
But what I am the most proud of, is that she was able to control herself, she didn't have a melt down.
Or fly off the handle.
Or cry and stomp off, slamming doors, or anything like that.

She got upset.  Expressed her displeasure.  And then... to our relief, "got over it".

And, she's over it!
This is becoming a common occurrence, and one which we embrace and welcome with open arms!  Her ability to "get over it" without having a blow out.



  1. Hi Roberta!

    Even a little over a year later, my husband and I are still exclaiming over the changes Sylvie is making.

    Our situation is a little bit opposite from yours though - our daughter has only just recently begun to have "melt downs". And I'm told from other parents that hers are pretty mellow (compared to their children).

    It's funny, I never thought we would be celebrating her crying and having temper tantrums. But, for some kids - they are a further sign of trust.

    The progress our children have made it simply astounding. Way to go Ping! Way to go family for supporting and loving her!

    ~ Joyanne

  2. I guess there really is no way of knowing how our little ones are going to respond. I think thats why "Community" is so very important. At least you know you're not the only one going through "it", and that there are others who can walk with you to figure "it" out. :-)