Tuesday, June 22, 2010

I got your Back!

(awesome friend, has not talked my wife (his sister) into buying a pool, or deck, or addition to the house)

There are some friends who are awesome.
Some who are closer than close.
Who pick you up when you are down.
Who encourage you to be more than you are.
Who comfort you when you need someone.


Then, there are others who suck.

... rewind a couple of days ...

Wife: You guys are getting a pool!
Friends Wife: Yes, we are thinking about it.
Wife: I think WE should get a pool.
Me: Is that before, or after we build the additional room on the house?
Other Friend: We have a pool.
Wife: You guys have a pool! Look, everyone has a pool but us!
Me: Pools are expensive and take a lot of work.
Other Friend: No, actually, they don't. You just get a salt water filtration system, and they take care of themselves.
Wife: YAY!!!! See! They are easy! So we can get a pool.
Me: Friend, you suck.

... rewind some more...

Friends Wife: So ah, are you guys going to adopt again?
Me: Well, we were just talking about it.
Friends Wife: Ahhhh, good. And you would still 'ave to add a room?
Wife: We would extend the 2nd floor. We have a patio above the garage... but who needs a patio above the garage, we will turn that into another big bed room, or two.
Friend: We added onto our house. Thats a great idea!
Me: Seriously?! C'mon! I understand you having to agree with YOUR wife all the time, but this is MY wife. You don't have to agree with everything she says!
Friend: Ah! I'm sorry man, I'm broken. I'm just too used to agreeing with everything a woman says.
Me: Friend, you suck.

... rewind some more...

Friend: So, how is work?
Wife: *talking to friends wife*
Me: Good man. Good. And you?
Wife: *looks at me angerly*
Friend: Good. New job. Downtown.
Me: Cool. What else you been up to?
Wife: *evil eye*
Friend: Nothing.
Me: Oh, I think I'm making my wife mad. Whats up?
Wife: Do you know what they are doing?
Me: Uh.... no?
Wife: Why don't you ASK your buddy there what he is doing with his wife.
Me: I'd rather not.
Friend: Uh, what are we doing?
Friends Wife: You know, that thing...
Friend: OH right! That.
Wife: Yes, THAT.
Friend: We're taking ballroom dancing... as a couple.
Wife: Yes, BALLROOM dancing! Because he LOVES his wife! Because he is a GOOD husband!
Me: Friend, you suck.

There are somethings that men do right, and some which men do wrong.

One of those things that I've always enjoyed is the whole "No one gets left behind!" mentality of us men. As we rush off to different places in life, love and work, we continually encourage and push each other to strive for greatness.

However, in the last couple of days, I feel as though my fellow men have let me down.

Left me behind enemy lines with nothing but an empty gum wrapper, some dental floss, and a bar of soap and said "Hey, good luck with the wife there buddy!". Worse yet, I think they actually gave the enemy my location, and taped a target to my back.

But I digress...

One of the things we as men DON'T do well though, is actually... talk.

Women, well... they talk... and talk and talk and talk... but not us men.

I can't help but feel that we SHOULD talk though... maybe, just a little more.

You know, to encourage each other to be better husbands, fathers, and role models. If we talked more, maybe we would know our children better, our wifes better, their hopes, dreams and fears.

... but then again, maybe we would just be subjected to 42 hour long sessions of gossip from Coronation Street and The View.

Either way, to my friends who "sucked" this last week, and NOT helped me out, I'm talking to you right now... the next time my wife wants a NEW DECK, PATIO, ROOM, HOUSE, POOL, or WHATEVER ELSE, just say "Thats a bad idea... you should really just listen to your husband!".



  1. Adrian...the fact that you listen to your wife enough to be able to complain about your wife, or your friends, or your friends's wives...you seem like a pretty good hubby! My hubby has no idea what my complaints are in the first place...let alone complain about them!

    Now about that pool...we have one, they are A LOT of work, and after the fact, it is wifey that gets to take care of it, in our home anyway! Not worth the bother until the kids are teenagers...THEN get the pool! Sorry, Roberta!

    We still have to get together...home 2 weeks with Eli, and settling in.

  2. YAY! Someone has my back! (although I'm sure SensFanRob would have had my back as well, cuz us men gotta stick together) :-)

  3. Sooo not sharing this one with Steve. hehe

  4. LOL, so funny! I'm with you for the pool, would put two kids in the same room while they are still young... and have a designated date night, where you have some fun and master a new skill.... ballroom dancing or anything....

    Good luck with the wife! LOL

  5. Definitely got yer back Adrian!! Errrrrrr......ummmmmmm......uhhhhhhhhh.....let'S not tell my wife, or Roberta that I said that.....ok??? ;-)