Saturday, May 1, 2010

Oh Good, a Distraction!

Answering Machine: Hey, you've reached Adrian Berzenji, leave a message... *BEeWWweEEEEP*
Wife: Hi, its me. I need to talk to you.
Impending Doom: mmuwahhahahahahahahaAAaaaaa!!!

... a little while later ...

Wife: Hello?
Me: Hey, you called.
Wife: Um yea.
Me: What's up?
Wife: Well, I know this isn't the best time for this, considering the car repairs last paycheck, and my last minute flight out to Calgary...
Me: What did you break?
Wife: ... the stove blew up.
Me: Define, "blew up" please?
Wife: Well, I was just cooking the pizza for the kids lunch, and I hear this sparking crackling sound.
Me: Thats not good, but that dosn't really qualify for blowing up...
Wife: And then I started looking around trying to figure out where it came from.
Me: Un-huh.
Wife: And then there was a big BANG, and then smoke started pouring out from the back of the oven!
Me: Thats not good. So, Ping needs a new oven?
Wife: I need a new oven.
Me: Why! That one is fine.
Wife: It blew up!
Me: I can fix it.
Wife: Like the door?
Me: Which door?
Wife: The oven door. The one that won't stay shut.
Me: I DID fix that. I put a chair up against the door and our beautiful daughter sits in the chair holding the door closed until the food is done cooking.
Wife: How is that FIXED?
Me: How is that NOT fixed?! The door is shut, the food cooks.
Wife: You are such a moron.
Me: Our daughter thinks it a great game.
Wife: Boy, you make ONE bad decision in life...

On the PLUS side, we are getting a new oven, hopefully with a door which works.
On the DOWN side, we have no money to pay for said oven.
On the PLUS side, the coffee is cheap at work.
On the DOWN side, I'm at work.
On the PLUS side, the oven has distracted us from the normal chaos of the children.
On the DOWN side, the children, now unattended, have just car-jacked someone and are running guns to Mexico.
On the PLUS side, the gun-running money can help pay for the new Oven!

Anyway, its nice to have "normal" issues for a change... not always having to deal with "Typical" adoption stuff is a nice change of pace... you know... if you consider chaos and unfortunate events "normal". :-)


  1. Guess that new stereo will just have to wait a little longer...and I think it's actually coming up on time that Roberta get a new bed too.

  2. BWHAHAHAHAhaaha! Aaaah, no. Still no stereo.
    Thats 4 beds, and 2 stoves now.
    If I didn't enjoy sleeping, and eating, that would really upset me! :-)

  3. Are you sure it's the oven and not the wall socket? Our oven went bang years ago, but it turned out we'd blown the wall socket. Ok I'm just trying to be optimistic! Still coming tomorrow??

  4. I checked the wall socket, and there appears to be no damage there, no marks or blackened plastic as I would have expected from a socket going. But I'll take another look... thanks for the thought.