Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Happy Mothers Day! Random Cuteness! And Pretty Bows!

What can I say, I'm a little behind in my blogging...

So, to all you Moms out there, and Moms in Waiting (MIW), HAPPY Mothers Day!
And a special Happy Mothers Day to all of those who are spending their 1st Mothers Day with thier little bundle of joy (and sleepless nights, and bundle of stress, anxiety, self doubt, confusion, exhaustion, etc) snuggled safely in their arms! The waiting is over! To those Moms still waiting, it's coming! It is coming.

Okay, so that takes care of the Mothers Day stuff, here are some pictures of the kids getting their Mothers Day gifts ready!

And, since the kids are SO cute, here are some random pictures of cuteness!

And lastly, yet staggeringly high on the cuteness scale, the girls got a bunch of bows from DebZ ( who makes these AMAZING Bows which actually work on little asian orphanage haircuts! If you don't understand why thats a good thing, you WILL once you get your little china girl home... unless you got a boy... and then, well, if you still want the bows, who am I to judge? I'm pretty sure my Mom dressed me in dressed the first 2 years of my life anyway... wait what? We weren't talking about me! Gah! Cute BOWS! CUTE BOWS!


  1. Where did you get that COW BELL shirt?

  2. Cowbell?! Sadly, you are not the 1st person to inquire about my CowBell T-Shirt. :-)

    Stories of life, love, redemption, loss, new beginnings, hopes, dreams and grace fill my virtual pages here, and you focus on my COWBELL! :-)

    Roberta actually got it for me the last time we were in Winnipeg. She found it at the Mall (St. Vital?), at one of those little shirt shacks in the middle of the walk ways. I'm sure it cost like 50$ for it... but SO worth it! :-)

    I got a FEVER, and the only thing that can cure it... is more COWBELL. I gotta have more COWBELL! Oh I laugh every time I think about it, and a little bit of my soul is restored.

  3. Aww! The bowz look awesome! Ping looks beautiful in orange! LKet me know when your ready for more!

  4. The funniest part was his shirt and his harry tummy hanging out!